Saying Goodbye to My Sister, My Friend


Saying Goodbye to My Sister, My Friend

Saying Goodbye to My Sister, My Friend

My heart like a stone
but your hand is warm
ice is pumping through my veins
but our eyes lock
I try in vain not to feel
but I can see what you cannot say

“I know you
I’m going to miss you
I’m scared”

Trying not to remember
but I said the same the day you left
went off to college
my protector, defender gone

I try to fight for your life
I punch and kick an unseen army
but insidious cells advance undeterred
taking over your brain

As mine freezes in time
slowing down thoughts
that stab like daggers.

Goodbye to My Sister.

  1. Nancy Duci Denofio says

    Thanks for sharing something so near and dear to your hear. Always, Nancy

    1. Lorraine Grund says

      Thanks Nancy! I just submitted a new poem called “Sentry”. Miss you.

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