The Fourth Category of Men

The Fourth Category of Men

I stood in line at the bank like I always do the last Friday of the month to deposit the cash I made from moonlighting as a waitress.   This was the last place I wanted to be after suffering through a day of teaching teenagers with non-existent parents and working for a redneck principal. […]

Moonlit Daisy

For my sister Renee (7/29/64 – 5/9/12), still the sun that dries up all the rain. Death comes barreling down the tracks an express train rattling and whistling We try to race ahead but we can’t get off the track No matter how hard we run some of us fall on the tracks way too […]



Hold me until the fear of sleep subsides your hand is warm on mine covering my heart like a blanket. Hold me until the fear of falling subsides you’re an anchor holding me tethered to the shore. Hold me until I sleep and dream you’re a soldier fighting those that try to destroy me Hold […]

Tears Run Down

Fate comes barreling down the tracks an express train rattling and whistling better get in the way or you can’t get on and what is unlucky but the opposite of fortunate may make you feel life is precious makes us realize the empty track goes on too long the time between that fateful express and […]

Lucky Fish

“The slow, sad piano melody and the floor of the lake I knew intimately as a child.” LUCKY FISH My mom, her friend Jackie, my daughter Angelina, and I all drove up to Lake George today. It was a cold day, and I didn’t want to stay outside, so I sat in the car trying […]


I breathe deeply and let out everything I’ve held in so long. Out of control, searching for comfort in another soul who speaks similar but stronger. I think I need this place at dusk every day, the river gently lapping rocks on the shore, until the yearning, the obsession passes for good. Along the Mohawk […]

Just Face It Kid

I’m sorry I embarrass you but you’re thirteen and think I’m too old I know you think it’s because I’m crazy but you’re wrong I’m happy in spite of being crazy I laugh too much play  music too loud sing too loud even run through sprinklers smiling and screaming I’m not trying to act young […]