Just Face It Kid


I’m sorry I embarrass you

but you’re thirteen
and think I’m too old

I know you think it’s
because I’m crazy
but you’re wrong
I’m happy in spite of
being crazy

I laugh too much
play music too loud
sing too loud
even run through sprinklers
smiling and screaming

I’m not trying to act young
because I’m afraid of getting old –
bet you didn’t know
the only thing I am afraid of
is not living before dying

I never had a childhood
each day was a different hurt
each day was a tear
each day another bruise

now that I’m free
I’m living a childhood I lost

I still pay those bills
teach you right from wrong
take care of you
no matter if you are sick
no matter if you are hungry

just – face it kid.

  1. Twiggy Schmidt says

    Very intense – great visual!

    1. lgrund says

      Thanks for the comment. 🙂

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