Moonlit Daisy


For my sister Renee (7/29/64 – 5/9/12), still the sun that dries up all the rain.
Death comes barreling down the tracks
an express train
rattling and whistling
We try to race ahead
but we can’t get off the track

No matter how hard we run
some of us fall on the tracks
way too early
and what is unlucky
but the opposite of fortunate

The time between
when a mother and sister fell
was way too short
I’m gasping for air
but the train does not stop
the express does not slow down

Does anyone have time to see
how the moon hangs so close tonight?
I can almost touch her
Can she see my tears
through the nebulae
or do they shine too?

The earth is soaked in tears and pain
The rattling and whistling
of the express train
fades away in the distance
as I sprint like the wind

Mother moon is always above me
lighting the dark tracks
Tomorrow sister sun will wake me
drying up the rain
and shining down
on the daisies and me.

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  1. Avatar of Nancy Duci Denofio
    Nancy Duci Denofio says

    Lovely, and as you know I enjoyed reading this, and most of all seeing your face. Sincerely, Nancy

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