A Sacred Part


A Sacred Part

A Sacred Part

I’ve held the most sacred part of life under a burning sun
A dark blue sky with white brave clouds
Lazily laying upon trampled green grass freshly cut
Wrapped only in a quilt made of yellow-purple patches

And bits of unraveling thread
Surrounded by smells of honeycomb and honeysuckle
Telling me that I am tasting something so sweet so delicate so unique
It could only be found here between you and me

And it couldn’t be found anywhere else on this earth
Or away from this earth in the endless abyss of an endless universe
Or without this earth a rock sitting so heavily and silent in its empty place
It makes me wonder in amazement at how I can be here

Hereunder this burning sun with you sitting simply
Undirected and unadulterated by life
Resting in this singular moment amazed and star-gazed
That we could be sitting together yet reckless like a chariot of falling stars

Without interruption from our jealous God or faltered universe
And not in some far off away place like that of Alice lost in Wonderland
But here with you and you with me between us
Time given to us while we still hold each other
Without regrets and against our given ends.

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