Where Boats Once Rowed


Where Boats Once Rowed

Where Boats Once Rowed

To know his lips
And know their mine 

The tender touch
Hands intertwined 

To know his heart
It’s beating rhyme 

That grabs her soul
Tears fall in time 

A Christmas Eve
And mistletoe

Emotion explodes
A river flows

Hearts pound
A trumpet blows

On the ice lake
Where boats once rowed

Gentle whispers
In careless tunes

Blue nights
Light moons

Hazel eyes
Pierce her room

And ask her heart
If love is doomed

No voices needed
She hears him

Under her sheets
Where it begins

Longing lonely
For this sin

Pushing pulling
For love’s win

Gifts exchanged
A chocolate dove

Needing him
It got tough

Chocolate melts
Edges rough

Needing this
Needing love

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