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Yeast Infections: For a female, any sort of discomfort, itching or burning sensation that screams from below is a frightening thing.

Not only frightening, but these symptoms can cause pure misery for the owner of the symptomatic genitalia. Unfortunately, most of us have learned the voice of the screamer from below — the yeast infection.

Quick Relief

It’s not a beautiful topic, so it’s not something we chit-chat away about with our fellow lady friends often. However, I’d bet most have been there. I’d also bet that most have made that late-night trip to the drugstore for quick relief, relief that can cost $15 and up. So what happens when that trusty drugstore is closed or you just don’t have the cash when the big, bad yeast infection strikes? You do what I did and concoct your own solution. No, don’t really do that, but there is actually an easy, super-quick way to find relief and it’s likely already in your house. If it isn’t, and you have to go out and purchase it, you’ll only be out a few bucks.

One night, around one A.M. I heard that scream from below. It was quite sudden too. Swelling, tenderness and the most unbelievable itching sensation. I had already met the big, bad yeast infection, so I knew instantly it’d come back to haunt me. I also knew that I’d been on antibiotics for six months, so there was no doubt who came a-hollerin’. Out of desperation, I grabbed the tea tree oil, sea salt, and peroxide. I used 4 drops of both the tea tree oil and the peroxide, and a tablespoon of the sea salt. I added some warm, filtered water, let the salt dissolve, and then sucked the contents up with a glass dropper.

Itching Sensation

I’m going to go ahead and tell you that you don’t actually need all of those ingredients. I used them all out of desperation, but sea salt and tea tree oil are often enough, as is peroxide by itself. I have had the best results using the mixture, though. Filtered water was my choice because I wanted to be sure I didn’t use tap water since it can have impurities in it, which I wouldn’t want entering my vagina, especially at a time like this.

A bathtub is a good choice since the remedy involves cleaning out the vagina using liquid. The liquid is going to come back out, as it should, so a bathtub means no mess. Also, it allows you to lie down in a pretty comfortable position for inserting the liquid.

Douching is a Common Cause of Yeast Infections

Moving on, the glass medicine dropper is an easy way to drop the ingredients into the vagina without a lot of trouble. Other items can be used for this, such as a bottle used for douching, but do not use the contents that come with the douche! They often contain vinegar and vinegar will only cause the yeast infection to worsen. In fact, douching is a common cause of yeast infections. So forget the little guy in the box that promises cleanliness and great hygiene. He’s only trying to deceive his way into your pants. As tempting as it is, he’s no good for you.

After using all the contents by inserting them into the vagina via medicine dropper, syringe or douche bottle. Follow up by gently rinsing the mixture out with filtered water. If the mixture doesn’t flow out of the vagina quickly after you inserted it, then give a little push or stand and it should. This removes much of the “yeast” that’s actually inside the vagina. You may even notice the liquid, once it comes out, is cloudy with flakes in it. That’s yeast. And the more you get out of your body, the more relief you’re going to feel. So if you notice that the liquid coming out still contains a lot of flakes, continue to rinse until it runs almost clear.

Rinse, Repeat

This is what gave me instant relief. Literally, as soon as I stepped out of the bathtub, my misery was gone. It didn’t return throughout the night, nor in the morning, but upon checking, I saw more white flakes so I repeated the process once. The yeast infection cleared and I didn’t experience another symptom.

However, things happen and yeast infections can appear at any time, especially if you have something fun planned. They love to invade your private space at the most inopportune times. Wait, is there ever an opportune time for a yeast infection?

Homemade Remedy

So, there you have it. A cheap, quick, homemade remedy. I have actually used this remedy ever since when the yeast strikes, which was just yesterday and that is what brought me to share. It provides me with instant relief, whereas the OTC medication I used twice for my first two yeast infections did not provide relief until 24 hours later! Plus, it was messy, messy, and messy. I hated that lotion-y gunk all in my undies while I tried sleeping through the night.

garlicAnother reason I was happy to find a solution for me was because of the far cheaper price and the fact that this remedy is natural and does not contain the harmful chemicals that OTC medications for yeast infections do.

Since I first used this remedy, I’ve mixed it up for one of my sisters as well, and she too found instant relief. I also know garlic to be an anti-fungal, and I know women who have placed a garlic clove in the vagina overnight to rid a yeast infection. That could very well work because garlic is an amazing gem that has some truly magnificent benefits to us.

I take garlic cloves for Candidiasis — which is basically an overgrowth of yeast inside your digestive tract — as well as for my overall health. My only concern with using garlic cloves is that it could cause burning on the soft, delicate tissue. I know it burns my mouth.

I hope this has been helpful to someone else out there. Have any of you tried this before? Did it work, or do you have your own remedy? I’d love for you to share!

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