Deadly Decisions


Deadly Decisions

Someone’s out to get FBI agent Pavel Ivanovich. He just doesn’t know who. The mob boss he was responsible for putting away has a good reason, but it’s not his style. Added to this is Pavel’s love-hate relationship with the mobster’s daughter.

“Deadly Decisions” is a cracking thriller, action-packed with an absorbing plot. I thought book one in the series, “In the Name of Revenge,” was great, but this is even better. The writing is that much stronger, the characters more real. The standout for me was Teresa, the brash mob boss’ daughter.

At times, I felt just as frustrated with her as Pavel was. The story is written in such a way that it’s not necessary to read the first book in the series, but knowing the history does help to enrich the reading experience. Highly recommended. ~ Vicki Tyley, author of “Brittle Shadows.”

Deadly DecisionsPavel Ivanovich has his hands full again in this second installment of Reina’s Thrilling Ivanovich Series.

Now engaged to spoiled rotten, egotistical Teresa Mancini, Pavel can’t help himself; he’s in love. Unfortunately, every time he turns around Teresa is there, in the middle of his FBI investigations…helping him.

Since hitting Roberto on the head with a wine bottle—in “In the Name of Revenge”—she feels certain she can handle any situation and takes every chance she gets to become involved waist-deep in every one of Pavel’s inquiries.

She may have bitten off more than she can chew this time, however. Donning a disguise so she can elude the agents who are guarding her at a safe house, she makes her way to her friend Angelina’s house and quickly finds herself dragged to a basement on the brink of being tied up and murdered. What’s a narcissistic, ice princess to do? Wait until you find out!

If that’s not enough, Pavel and Teresa are targeted by someone. Bullets fly, bombs explode, and people get hurt. Meanwhile, Carlo Mancini, who’s literally rotting in prison, is thought to be behind all the threats and scares that keep slamming into the couple.

As Pavel lay in the hospital wounded, his partner Nick is left to not only find out who’s going after his buddy but to deal with an out-of-control Teresa who thinks she can do anything and is above the law.

Trust me, if you love action-packed, shoot ‘em up, giggle fests, this is right up your alley. Pavel and Nick keep you up to your neck in clues and investigations, while Teresa keeps you laughing hysterically wondering what she’ll do next. Read this book! Bravo Reina!
~ Terri Ann Armstrong, author of “Morning Menace” and “Medieval Menace.”

“Riveting, bold, and a real page-turner.  Starr Reina’s second Ivanovich book is better than her first!  Gritty, timely, and damn right funny!  Buy this book!
~ Donald Allen Kirch, author of “Manchester House.”

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