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Imagine you are standing in the middle of a road that has many different forks or paths that you can follow. The many roads we encounter often have different terrains, off ramps and detours that need to be explored in order to help each one of us find the right path.

Take the journey along with me as we travel life’s paths, learn many lessons and encounter numerous opportunities, to learn, grow and understand how to choose between right and wrong something every parent tries to teach their child at an early age.

Each day we are given chances to create a better path for ourselves, overcome obstacles, learn to deal with negatives, turn them into positive and focus on reunifying with the Creative Force of he Universe: God. This compact, short but informative spiritual guide teachers the reader whether a teen, young adult or even an adult numerous and valuable lessons which will help each of them individually.

Life is not easy. Each road or path you take will have some smooth pavement and others rocky surfaces filled with ruts, stones, and maybe some boulders. Challenges make us stronger. Using love and understanding rather than discord and bitterness will easy your way and help you stand tall. Life is not always going to deal you a perfect straight flush. At times you might feel like you have to fold. But, the strength within you that is in all of use will guide you to take the right path. Something my parents taught me and a great point made by the author is that your actions really do impact on others and you need to decide before completing an action if it is going to hurt someone else- you might not want to do it.

One example that the author offers and it is so true is about the young girl who enjoys gossiping. Find out how or whether you can literally take back your words or what you say to someone else by reading pages 19-22 and decide just how some real lessons are learned.

Dead-end-Roads deals with lying and how to break yourself of the habit but first you need to focus on creating and setting the right priorities for success. Pressure from friends, bulling, getting caught in   a lie not only leads to dead-end-roads but also diverts you from the path you should be taking and provides you with a detour you should circumvent. Living your life according to someone else’s plan is not what the Creator wants for you nor should you accept. Lying is a serious issue and learning the technique simply stated in this book will definitely create a more aware you. Just- become aware of what you are doing and think before you speak. Read Lesson We Learn to understand how using a notebook, great idea, will help you understand things you have experiences and thoughts you have had. Learn the differences between lessons from the head and heart in Chapter Four.

Sometimes we get, I know I do, so angry we cannot se part what is creating that anger and it does more harm than god. Harboring negative feelings as the author states, need to be released. Accepting and learning to learn others can be done. Try activity two-Guided Imagination: I did!. It will ease your tension, lighter your burden and release the negative energy.

Life Is Not a Candy Store; It’s the Way to the Candy Store: A Spiritual Guide to the Road of Life for Teens deals with everyday issues teens, adults, and even small children face on a daily basis. If you think about it many things that we stress about at work, dealing with difficult bosses, your own children, friends, school, peer pressure and other teen issues are discussed in this outstanding spiritual guide in order to help everyone deal with life.

Teens and young adults feed off of compliments or even insults they hand out to others. Ego: Can be your own worst enemy especially when inflated like a hot air balloon. Let some of the air out, don’t worry you won’t fall. Thinking as many kids do that they are the best comes form “Your higher self, not your ego.”

Teens encounter many difficult roadblocks that often hinder their way and sometimes obstruct and cloud their vision. I have to agree with our author that verbalizing decisions and problems does help. Sometimes I even write down-hence the notebook idea, which is great, my feelings about what might be bothering me and hopefully find a positive solution. I did try what the author suggested on page 46-47 and believe it or not well read it for yourself and you will find out just how it works. Writing down the pressure issues and possible solutions: great start.

Drivers often need help when they get flats, blowouts or run out of gas. People need different kind of help such as Roadside Assistance, which the author expands on in Chapter 7. Helping the reader look at life through different eyes, clearer, more focused and with totally a totally different outlook. Finding a “higher purpose.” But don’t think you are home free. The Chapter titled Road Hazards is quite vital and important. Teaching yourself whether an adult, teen or young adult how to deal with anger and not walking away from God is important. Keep moving ahead and don’t’ allow life’s challenges to hinder your forward journey. My Dad always told me that if you worry about something that you can do something about then do something about it. If you worry about something you can do nothing about that stop worrying. Don’t spend your life on things that you cannot change. Remember you can change your life and you can do better all you have to do is do it and have faith in yourself. But, parents, teachers, friends and siblings need to allow the teen or young adult the latitude to change and admit being wrong and accept the words “I’m Sorry or I made a mistake,” and not dwell on the past.

Finally, create your own unique road. Take the fork that is going to bring you where you need to be. Each one of us has a purpose in life. Each person their own path to follow in order to create a journey that will take you closer to God and that Candy Store of Life. Learn from others and you will grow on your own. I Did!

Author Tal Yanai created a unique and interesting format in this books where he speaks directly to the reader, engages the reader in the discussions, embraces your differences, allows you to self question while helping each of us travel down that road called LIFE! Read the book. Then reread it again. Hear the voice of the author. Listen to God and understand life is much more than instant gratification or feeding off of the pain of others. I love his stories; his examples and I do have a sense of humor that keeps me going.

Life Is Not a Candy Store; It’s the Way to the Candy Store: A Spiritual Guide to the Road of Life for Teens
Author: Tal Yanai
Reviewed by Fran Lewis

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