Ellie’s First Plane Ride


How exciting is it to take your first plane ride? Join Ellie and her best friend Pudgy the Penguin, as they travel a long way to visit Ellie’s family.

Check out the airport and learning how to find their flight and the time was both scary and frightening. Nervous about flying Ellie has lucky that Pudgy was coming along because she loved flying and told her they would have tons of fun together. (I wish I had Pudgy along with me on my last flight.)

baby-elephantChecking in and making sure the flight was on time and watching the planes take off, and land is quite an experience.

Riding an escalator or disappearing staircase for the first time concerned and worried Elle, but Pudgy helped her overcome her fear. Security machines and security procedures can frighten even adults, but they breezed through it. Find out how and why!

With the help of the great photos, even non-readers and younger children can enjoy the story just by looking at the pictures. Finding the gate took a while and then using the tram to get to the plane. Resting and using the neck pillows on the tram, (Wish I had those too on my last flight) made them comfortable and able to rest. Boarding the flight, finding their seats and dealing with their luggage and then lift off!

Resourceful, smart and able to fend for themselves and find their way they were smart to rent a cart to help carry their suitcases and flag down a taxi to go to their hotel.

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Ellie was worried at first but with her dear friend with her they were ready for bed and their next day’s fun. Many of the words are in black and others in Red emphasizing important parts of the story and bringing certain events and places in focus for the reader.

For example by writing the word ZOO in red readers are ready for their visit. By writing relatives in red we know that they are going to see family. Highlighting nouns and verbs and making it easier for children to read the more difficult words or for parents to focus in on them and help them when needed.

Their journey to the zoo would not only teach them about many other animals but those reading the book will meet The Eastern Giant Eland that they asked to help them find the Elephants. They also met tropical birds, giraffe, and the other animals, but none was her relative. As you take the journey and tour of the zoo you, the reader will find that the animals are friendly, and try to be helpful. Meet the antelopes and then Andean Bear and others too. But, where were the elephants and how would they react when Ellie shows up?

Not all of the animals wanted to stop and help some were tired, and others like the Llamas just wanted to run. Two young animals all alone in a strange zoo are hoping to find Ellie’s relatives. Check out page 35 and meet her Aunt and her baby cousin. How did they feel when they met Ellie? What about Pudgy? Did they like each other? After all, not all elephants look the same or are the same?

Ellie shared her experiences on the plane with her cousins, and you won’t believe what they thought! Just look at the pictures on pages 38- 41 to get to know her family yourself and see what you think about them.

This is a great way to show children that people, as well as animals, have differences that we all embrace and that even though Pudgy is not an elephant she and Ellie are best friends. So, what happens when they have to leave?

Will they ever see each other again? Learn how they managed to get to the airport, check in, board the plane and talk about their wonderful day with some great and special animals. The picture on page 49 says friendship in a perfect way. Where did they go when the plane landed? What happens when Pudgy falls? How do you know they will be friends forever? What happens when they get home?

Check out the picture on page 54 and see all of Ellie’s new friends. Friendships are special and differences should be embraced, and maybe their next adventure will take them somewhere far away. They might even bring one of their other friends along. I vote for the Panda Bear.

Great pictures and an excellent way to teach children that flying is safe and fun. Friendships are special and once again that comes through in this book. Read the back cover and find out where Ellie and Pudgy went with our young author and understood just how special they are to her and why she created this wonderful book with her mother.

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