Love Thy Labor


Love Thy Labor

Teaching childbirth education was one of my most favorite moments.  The excitement on the ladies’ faces knowing that someone has helped ease their fears of the dreaded labor. 

Once their babies were born I always made it a point of going to the hospital to see how well they did.

Love Thy Labor7 out of 10 would end up in a C-Section.  Yes, this is truly more than half.  So why did I waste my time I thought.

Upon investigating a little furthermost of them went into labor on a Friday or a weekend and if they did not deliver within about 5 hours they were wheeled to the OR for a C-Section.

Ladies, please listen to this message that I am bringing to you.  Our bodies were made to have children naturally and sometimes this can be a long process.

A first baby can take up to 24 hours to deliver and a second up to 14.  Doctors are not giving women a chance to labor properly making it necessary for an unnecessary C-Section.

Their documentation will always say failure to progress.  Well, excuse me medical professionals if you allow a woman to labor she will eventually have that baby.

The only true reasons for a C-Section are: The baby and or mother are in distress.  The baby is presented breech.  Medical conditions put the mother and or baby at risk for death.  You have already had a C-Section.

However, a VBAC or Vaginal Birth After a Cesarean is not impossible just many doctors will not do it.

C-Sections are major abdominal surgery and you are at increased risk of infection, blood clots, and even death.  It should only be used in extreme cases not because the doctor doesn’t want to work the weekend or because you didn’t deliver in the five-hour window.

My suggestions are:  Stay home as long as you can and labor in the comfort of your own home.  Hire a doula if money permits or in some states there are programs that will provide doula services to people below certain income levels.  Take childbirth classes.

Go to the hospital when you are having hard contractions that are 3 to 5 minutes apart.  If your doctor says he wants to do a C-Section because you are not progressing you have every right to refuse.  But by all means, if you or your baby are in danger don’t refuse proper care.

Familiarize yourself to the hospital equipment that they put on you to monitor your contractions and your baby’s heartbeat.

You are in charge of your own health care and even though the pain might be unbearable you can have an epidural to help you out.  Don’t have a C-Section just for the sake of having one.

One thing more I must impress upon you is that many babies that are born my C-Section end up in the NICCU  with breathing problems because when coming through the birth canal it forces the fluid out of their lungs and this is not possible with a C-Section.

Love your baby enough to give it time to come into this world.  If you are having normal labor do not let them talk you into an operation that will put you at risk for infection.

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