Misha Lee


Misha Lee

I first met the magical Misha Lee in 2013 on a beautiful Pedestrian’s Sunday in Toronto’s busy Kensington Market. 

Amidst all the vendors and musicians, she was offering free dream analysis to the public. Zap forward to 2014, and we meet again at the same event at the exact location.

Misha Lee

I was struck by her welcoming smile and confident, magnetic radiance. Her passion for the dream world was contagious so I suggested we meet for an interview. We reconvened a week later at a local coffee shop.

Misha is a profound and introverted philosopher who grew up in the Runnymede area of Toronto. She attended a local Film School to pursue the art of storytelling.

“Dreams are very much like the movies,” she declared, “Only instead of projecting events onto a movie screen, they’re being projected onto the screen of our subconscious mind.”

Her interest in dreams goes back as long as she can remember. A recurring dream of being chased led her to research the phenomenon called lucid dreaming. She then began participating in dream chat rooms on the Internet in 1998.

“That’s when I began inviting strangers to submit their dreams to me for interpretation.” This serious, soft-spoken local artist has her own way of going about such an endeavor.

“Let’s say I ask a person to share a significant dream. To gain an understanding of its meaning requires a conversation with questions, not statements.

It is first important to know what prominent events are going on in that person’s life. From there, I ask questions that can help us draw metaphorical parallels between our waking and dream lives. These clues allow us to gain a better understanding of what our dreams are alluding to.”

Misha Lee will soon be teaching dream workshops in little Italy. “I encourage people to analyze their dream from within the dream”. The dreamers can ask themselves “What is the motivation behind the circumstances? And what emotions are felt?” “Say a dreamer dreams of losing her shoes. I would suggest that without shoes it is difficult to move forward on your path.

I would then ask if he/she is trying to get somewhere in life but is having difficulty moving forward? I could also inquire about her involvement in the events which are keeping her from moving into the next chapter of their life.”

Misha encourages others to concentrate their attention to the metaphors in their waking life. “The more one is aware of symbols and recurring patterns from their waking life, the more easily they will be able to recognize them in their dream state.”

Like Carl Jung, she believes our lives are filled with powerful archetypes and meaningful metaphors. She places great emphasis on this notion. At that moment, a transit vehicle passed by and she remarks “See how steady and fixed it is to its tracks? It’s completely aligned with its purpose, its true path. This connectedness allows it to flow smoothly without the risk of derailment. I think that’s a metaphor we can all connect with on some level.”

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