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Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming

If you dream lucid, the world is at your feet. Lucid dreaming, also known as conscious dreaming is dreaming while being aware that you are dreaming.

You find out that you can be as conscious in your dreaming as in daily reality and this lucid awareness gives you a great sensation!

In my book the Sorcerer’s Dream I reveal unique steps for lucid dreaming, the knowledge that shaman Vidar passed during my initiation into the sorcerer’s world. In the next lucid dreaming paragraph, I give you an impression of the first steps on How to Lucidly Dream.

Excerpt Chapter 2

As the sorcerer plays his flute and dances around in a setting of white clouds, he watches me curiously. I hand Vidar the grayish-green oval-shaped gemstone with the black figure. He observes the stone closely.

“Good find,” he says. I carefully chose the stone from a box containing all sorts of gems in a small shop in the center of Haarlem where they sell books, incense, and jewelry. The bent figure is also known as the dancing sorcerer, a male being with physical characteristics of several animals: with eyes of a wolf, antlers of a moose, a horse’s tail, and bear claws. Vidar holds the stone at arm’s length between his thumb and index finger and says “it’s jade.”

He tells me it is a medicine stone, which means that the stone has healing properties and can be used at shamanic healing rituals. For the time being, its role is that of the prey and I am the hunter who must try to find it in my dreaming. During the past week, I have been studying the stone from every angle, but there is so much to be discovered that I cannot see the woods for the trees.

I ask Vidar, holding the stone in his left hand, what would be the best procedure to learn all the stone’s characteristics by heart.

With the index finger, he caresses the figure and the contour of the stone. “First you study the sorcerer’s outline and draw the lines in your mind until you are able to visualize them. When you succeed, you follow the same procedure with the white spots and the stone’s shape. Carry the stone with you at all times and make a habit of studying it on every occasion, even when you are standing in line at the cashier’s desk,” he smiles.

“You have to know every spot, dent or drawing from the inside and from the outside. Practice as long as it takes to get it in your mind and aim to find the stone in your dreaming within the next ten days. Then you start counting the days.”

“And what if I don’t find it within that time?”

“Then you start all over again until you get it right,” he replies and gives me the necessary instructions before falling asleep. “Look at the stone in detail and place it somewhere near, close your eyes and visualize the stone on the inside of your inner eye, between your eyebrows. It is important to become conscious of the moment right before you fall asleep.

At that specific moment, you visualize the stone immediately inside your inner eye.” My mind resists. Waking up before falling asleep seems impossible. He must have read my mind because he says; “It’s actually enough to have the intention to be conscious before falling asleep. Attempt it.” I decide not to worry anymore. I will just do it.

“Aim to wake up consciously every morning and visualize the stone with your inner eye,” he continues as he slowly brings the stone closer. “Pick up the stone and move it closer from an arm’s length to the tip of your nose as if the stone is coming toward you. Do not forget to repeat to yourself that you will find the stone,” he concludes.

He carefully places the stone in front of me on the table as if it is fragile, pushes his chair backward, and gets up to boil water for tea. I place the sorcerer in the palm of my hand, he gives me a defiant look as if he is about to make a getaway and obviously expects me to chase after him. He is one in a million and I will do anything to find him.

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    Brandon Craig Jones Mr.J says

    Reminds me of Freud’s treatise on dreams. Almost scattered yet symphonically synchronized, a controlled chaos, entropy if you will.

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