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The Dancing Hands of the Wallflower

This article is dedicated to anyone who ever felt lonely in a crowded room. The Hermit Poet It is a dilemma how we are always digging in-between sand traps,cutting us off at the waist, from the triumph of imagination over intelligence, Playing hide-and-seek, always on the go, here, there and yonder, forgetting to appreciate the […]

Surviving Depression

I personally believe being happily engaged in writing and art making is better than not; and secondly, living without depression, pain and anger is better than living with them. If you’re doing something artful, and smiling, look out, you’re probably having fun. Every word written is a victory against depression and the dysfunction that comes […]

Coming of Age

At sixteen I attended a seminar on Smoking – How to Quit, a compulsory meeting held in the gym at the high school I was attending. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ I was the girl standing by the split rail fence just at the edge of the school property smoking with the other {boys} kids that had taken up […]