Women Voters


Women Voters

Women Voters

The candidates for President have gone after the women voters since JFK ran for office. Perhaps it was a bit of his charm that made them go to the polls. 

Now, women are voting more often in elections than men.  It does make sense the candidates would be focusing on women.

During the second debate, much was said between the disagreements and arguing and being a woman. I would call that bullying exactly what we preach to our own children, not to do.  I was pleased to find the third debate settled a bit, at least from my perspective, but not completely.  Who wants an angry President?

Remember when President Obama was cutting into Romney’s statement concerning his search for women on his staff as Gov. of Massachusetts – he mentioned he placed more women in positions in his State.  Romney told us he understood both women with young children and seniors might need a more flexible schedule.  He also added he knows what a working economy looks like.

I believed it was the truth, and it was.  Why did the President keep telling his opponent he was wrong – isn’t this like someone calling you a liar?  Is this why CNN has Fact Checker?  Well, I am pleased they do and continue to give us the truth – from two people running for the highest office.

In all my days, involved both as the daughter of a politician and one who fights on Washington’s issues, I never experienced what I did this time around regarding bickering, first one then the other, back and forth. They said you are wrong so often that who do you believe? So thank you, CNN.

So why are women receiving seventy-two percent of the salary a man makes in the same position?  I thought this was old hat – we have been fighting equal rights since before the first vote cast by a woman.

The President reminded the people, “I was raised by my Grandmother,” well so were half of us, I bet.  Women began working out of the homes, and, as my own mother, I climbed the stairs to enter the safety net of my Grandmother, and it was a blessing. This allowed me to learn her customs since she came to this country as an immigrant.  She taught herself to read and write, and all of her children were American, she told me.  She was proud of that.

If someone told me about “zingers” during the debates, I believe as a voter and active in politics for many years. We had far too many this time around.  Back to CNN and the counter on the bottom of the screen indicating women, men, of the undecided voters – women were happier when the candidates did not fight – insist one was fibbing, more or less – and came out and proved a point, showed some examples of success in their past.  Yes, women normally back away from confrontation.

We are equal in ownership of small businesses across this country, and women and men struggle to keep them afloat. Small businesses within your community have more women employed because they can adjust their own schedules around their families if they are the owner. The economy will continue to drain small businesses if they do not get a break from the government.

I have seen far too many people – close up shop because they could not afford the taxes, and a tax break for these people, including women or men – is a must to get back on our feet.

Senator Romney wants to give tax breaks to small businesses – and I agree – why should we always help the giants.  I am speaking as a woman –  not a voter here – asking the question, why did the government rob Peter to pay Paul?  Okay, so what I am talking about – bank bailouts, helping the bigger banks from falling through the glass ceiling and taking from the small community banks.

I see those smaller institutions being brought down in size by no other than our government, who demanded cash to bail out big brother.  This was not fair, and it continues today.

The President said he cut taxes???  Sorry about the question-marks – but throughout the four years, we have only seen increased taxes – I would like to know where he cut taxes, but I better ask CNN.   I was not too fond of the fact that 32 million were on food stamps etc., four years ago, and 42 million are on food stamps today – it’s the economy – we’ve heard that before.

Thinking of those Presidents, I can recall, as a woman, I liked JFK, Reagan, and Clinton – (keeping quiet about this election, it wouldn’t be a fair article.)  The three I seemed to focus on had wit and charm, brains, and know-how.  I have to admit they talked directly to the public, looked each person in the eye while talking, ignoring what was happening around them feel important instead of themselves.

When a woman is getting attention, not ignored, they remember those times – especially in a society like ours where handheld gadgets get more attention than the price of oil.

When it comes to immigrants – this is where I get upset.  We are all immigrants unless we are full-blooded Indians.  This country belonged to the Indians, and they began to sell off their property to the Dutch in the east – yet if you were a history nut like me, you would know that property within some cities, towns, villages still belong to the Indians, but the State does not recognize it.

During the 1600s, if you have a chance to read, the State of New York, known not as NY at the time, left land unclaimed when they traded with the Indians, and this land can be taxed, etc., by our government like any other piece of land.  So the American Indians are scooted from their roots. So are immigrants from the time they began entering the country, businesses, large businesses, placed a stop or never did hire immigrants until after the great depression.

Today the story is different, an immigrant has four children, and the country wants them to go home.  Well, the children are American, and all the parent needs is a green card.  Period.  Nothing difficult solving that problem.

I am sure any woman would stay with her children, and any man would want to keep the family together.  Mind you; I am not speaking about those arrested, peddling drugs, etc.  Far too many hard-working immigrants are afraid to sneeze.  The comment the President made, “Go after the criminals, not the families,” I also agree with.

One unfortunate situation – two years, the President had the Congress in his pocket, and he slowly began to settle into his title.  Perhaps it had a bit to do with the amount of time he was involved with politics; it’s a funny game.  One needs a great deal of experience to enter the boxing ring.  I don’t care who you are; you need to have some hands-on experience with regard to all issues at stake.

I hear women talking about the lack of following through and not doing what he promised.  I have to laugh; if you ever followed any political candidate and wrote all the promises down and crossed out those they completed in their time in office, few get to finish a list. Perhaps too many promises is another problem.  Compare it to too many items in your grocery cart – you get to the register and realize you just don’t have enough money and start sorting out what is important.

One thing I have to say about women – they listen and are a huge part of the voting population.  Perhaps women are more concerned with the state of their homes, family and want the next President to be as concerned with the state of the nation.  More women need to get involved in politics, but unfortunately, it takes money to run – and lots of it.  Besides, men lost a lot of class when it comes to women. Do you think they want to give up their seats?

So my advice, no matter how much money is paid out for advertising, is to bully one another to capture the crown.  Let us hear what you can do for your people – remember what JFK said in his State of the Union.

I will have additional comments as this week draws to a close and will be in the thick of it all on election day.  So women, vote.

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