Voters of Another Generation


Voters of Another Generation

Voters of Another Generation

Perhaps my opening statement brings back memories from days gone by,  “I have a dream.”   Have you noticed since the Bush/Gore election voting has had the same matching figures as the candidates on election night, close elections?

It is the voter’s generational gap, younger voters do not believe in political parties as we have seen in the past.  How many votes, and who votes has changed drastically with more people leaving the party of their choice, changing to independent.  This is how the world turns, from one generation to another.  The swing was slow, but it has been evident now since the Bush/Gore election.

The younger voters are concerned with their life, their children, and family.  They have less time to hear all the news and try to fit into busy schedules a trip to the polling place.  But, this can change if Government changes. I believe the next voting generation will be less than what we have now, they are up to date and know what bullying is, and watching television, they see it at the highest level of our Government.

Kennedy and Eisenhower

People just don’t want to waste the hours in a day listening to dirt being said about one another, without a clear-cut remark, denying it.  One cannot let lies stand.

The days of the GOPGrand Ole’ Party or any party, disappeared from one generation to the next.  The backroom gatherings are now huge fundraisers.  Parties are gone; when I speak to people on the street, I ask, “What is more important, issues that affect you, or the person running for office?” Issues beat out every time.

The concern is about their life and how they can improve it, send their children to college, buy those sneakers, and have enough time to instill values that are firm, as America had been known for – its’ values.  You can be sure they are hoping their issue makes it to the top of the candidate’s list, but then again, it is all here-say for the voting booth.

Generations who vote are now more likely to vote for the man who will fight for what they need, not for their affiliation with the party of their choice.  This is slowly moving from left to center, and right to center – people are moving faster away from the party rules.

Sure we have those stragglers who are bent on saving their party no matter who is on the ticket – ignoring facts;  our country is in need of re-organization within its’ power structure. Those who make the rules need to look at people first.

Today, Government should allow with open arms, loans from those institutions that give the money to people without limits, let them get back on their feet, as in the past, and make America strong. Give loans to small businesses, personal loans, and so forth without a government hang up and this is how we began, and this is how we will build our country once more. Clamping down on loans is only deterring the fact that we are fighting against ourselves.

Speaking about fighting, we are now involved in the longest war in the history of the United States.  It began with capturing a criminal who said he was the main figure for 9/11.  Who told us he did it.  It took this country at least ten years to find one person, with all the intelligence we have, and took many men with them, leaving some families without the main breadwinner, and children, with no father or mother.

Since when did it take killing so many, and entering other countries to find one person?

It is always better without war, death, injury.  But this war has existed for years, as we spread from one country to the next.  A shorter war if we used the outstanding intelligence, we consume. We did not have to call out troops for eleven years, bring home men and women in caskets when the purpose was to find one man.

At that time we followed the leader.

The Presidential Election is drawing near, and our current President is below fifty percent, for a sitting President, you may ask yourself why?  You may be pleased or disappointed.  The question is, “What has happened to this country, its’ way of life, the economy and how can we fix it.” The only way we can make a difference is by working together, the dream – to work together as one.

Yes, some will disagree and others agree, especially the young voter who is trying to provide for their family and need work – isn’t that split down the middle, like this election? Even the issues favor one or the other.

Every story from generation to generation blends parties – with recent close elections as proof.  Why not blend thoughts, ideas, and stop the fighting.  Work together, two leaders, the best men win.  Present the facts and problems, and ways to fix things to the members of Congress.  This gives us stability in Government.  Right now we have a war blazing at home, in the USA.

The Senate and Congress should have equal term limits, like the President, instead of keeping the same person until death do they part. Most of all we should combine ideas, parties are falling by the wayside.  If elected officials work together, sort out the differences, we win.  We tell our children to listen and work together.

Dreaming – telling you we are going to be the America we were, working side by side without bickering, but improving our own world and life around us.

You see, the voters are entering the voting booth, pulling levers, or inserting paper, making check marks, however, it is done in their particular state – but they are not voting across party lines – remember there was a day this did happen, but those days are gone.  Parties are falling apart as I said, like the country.

Let us dream of a better America by giving thought to a shared pedestal.  We must take our life, town, city, or State – seriously – and those who we vote for.  We need the ability to build, buy, lend, live again – or we will never be the America we once knew.

You can see “What the root of evil is,” and you have heard it one thousand times or more, it is greed – the cost to run for an elected position is predicted before your name appears on the ballot, some places tell the candidate what amount is needed to be considered.  This is party politics today.  We must change the tactics, support issues, fight for what is right, and forget about how much each candidate has in his own pocket before endorsing them.  It’s what they can offer that is important.

And agree to fairly tax individuals, give loans to those who lost everything during this eleven-year war, then, we can improve on what we have not.

Last night twenty or more people were killed in a foreign country.  There is no changing the culture of ones’ country, but we can improve our own. We are in a time of trouble – and this election, I am afraid will not matter, if we continue to listen to one party bashing the other.  What we see is disturbing, and it is growing up and around the cities, through the schools, and we call it bullying.  Imagine our leaders bully one another, then hug when it ends.  Why not agree to disagree and figure out the best for all people.

We no longer need undignified debates, words that slaughter a person like a piece of meat, but we need the common man who sees the country as it is, not how he believes it will be, then take no time to work his promises, or sit face to face with both sides and discuss the proper changes to help all the people.   Perhaps this is why so many members of Congress hold town meetings on the sidewalk, to be sure the voters know the words came from their own mouth.

Since both people running this year have similar views on important issues:  Perhaps to confuse the playing field, we have to remain strong – and fight for our own life, protect our neighbors, sometimes our own internal enemy our people who do nothing.

What do expensive lies prove when candidates advertise?  Insults turn people off, but billions of dollars keep pouring in making others rich while confusing the people and robbing the truth. People who work, raise a family is not glued to the television or know everything happening out in the political world.  They do see the ads on television, costing each party billions of dollars.  That money could help all of us if we could only stop placing the blame on one another with a billion or million-dollar ad.

I believe in advertising and would believe stronger in the candidate if the advertising wasn’t a down-out war.  The cost of advertising is beyond belief, but it is spent by the parties’ big spenders through those who support the candidate.

I have a dream.”  My view of our future will be one of less bickering, more talking out the problems, and treating every person, every occupation, every job, or employer equally.  Remember, keeping the country healthy, keeping children healthy, and more people will add to the government – by not only giving but receiving help.

Nothing stays the same – unfortunately we have a country that has to revamp some parts of the old constitution because we are not living in the time of the constitution, drawn in 1775.  Many things have changed, from dirt roads to major highways, from the traveling doctor to huge teaching facilities, why are we following old rules from 1775?

The future can be better with linked minds, like the Internet, because we know two thoughts are better than one.  Think of those who live around you,  has our government changed their life, will their children be treated equally?

Remember, we fight over those who bully children in school – what do you think is happening in Washington DC and every state of the Union on a national level, if it were called bullying – perhaps we could open the ears of those who are closed-minded.

We have talked about the future generations, why not follow their path, they have taken it on themselves to not enroll in parties as they once did, and I am sure they know what bullying is, right down to asking a future candidate for money upfront to be endorsed.

  1. Avatar of Paul Collins
    Paul Collins says

    In the last Canadian Federal election I noticed more young people motivated to vote. Why? Record setting student loan debts. Who did they vote for? The NDP. The older people, who actually go out to vote, voted for the Conservatives and that is why we have a GOP style government. Traditionally, people in Canada vote for the middle of the road Federal Liberals but this time they went to the extremes. Yes, Canada has a three party system but I want to stress the fact that this occupy protest demonstrates that lots of young people are motivated for change. We are ten years away from a one world currency and one world laws. That’s the future and we must accept it period. We are entering a time where we will see a wealth limit for the rich and powerful. We will see land limits for everyone. The Left has a stranglehold over higher education. Too much of the Left, or Right, you will have stagnation. I don’t think it matters who will get into government. Obama and Romney are the mirror image. All we need is one more crisis and this will be an excuse to bring in the one world currency and one world laws. It doesn’t matter who is in power, it will happen regardless. This US election is no different then any other one.

    1. Avatar of Nancy Duci Denofio
      Nancy Duci Denofio says

      Thanks Paul for your reply.

      I understand exactly where you are coming from – to tell the truth I was listening to the History Channel today and the show was Conspiracey but not what we know and hear about but those behind the scenes running the entire world, as you mentioned. Running the banks, government, world laws as you mentioned.

      I certainly hope this is not the way to settle the crisis, and we can remain as we are, one nation.

      They mentioned this was nothing new, it began in Eygpt as they scanned the timeless places in time – they had handful at the most, as quoted, or rulers for those in our world at the time. We are fighting to make things better, instead of worse. It bothers me to think we would ever be connected as one world – because of the disagreements between worlds now. I agree with the mirror image, and yes young people as I mentioned are motivated to vote but not for party, the parties have fallen apart at all levels of government – and if you get things done – you are the hero.
      I guess we have to pray for no crisis, and is there a few people in the underground directing things since the beginning of time? Watch that program on the history channel. Your thoughts echo. Thanks again Paul. Sincerely, Nancy

  2. Avatar of Paul Collins
    Paul Collins says

    I wrote an article a long time ago that gets to the point about the problem with the US. . The last 40, or 50 years, the US and other Western allies have caused a lot of problems around the world. The only way to fix the economy is we institute a one world currency and legal system. That is the real solution to our problems. Face it we type in words into a computer and this information travels across the world in thought speed. No fire wall, or border security official can stop this. This world is just a collection of nations with land, money, and resources. The longer the internet stays, the need for a one world currency, legal sytems, and financial regulations become paramount. The problem is if we get such a sytem going tomorrow all the officials, or people in business who made fortunes on wars like that American War on Terror will be in the prisoner’s box in the Hague. These people would use every means in their power to stop a one world currency and legal sytem. The only way to deal with them is to have a Truth and Reconcilliation Committee. Such a committee helped end Apartheid in South Africa in the 1980’s. To fix the economy the US should have a Truth and Reconscilliation Committee to help wrap up the US War on Terror. Only after, then every nation in the free world should legistlate a one world currency, legal system, and financial regulations. After ten years, if one nation wants out of such a system, they can exit it through a referendum. Running out of time!

  3. Avatar of Paul Collins
    Paul Collins says

    If Obama or Romney would promise 1)a Truth and Reconciliation Committee to wrap up America’s War on Terror, 2)the implementation of a one world currency with a one world legal system 3) one world financial regulations4)a referendum for any country to exit such a system in 10 years, by referendum only and in ten years only–such a leader, or leaders, would be an automatic statesman. Perhaps Al Gore, or Bill Clinton, have the charisma to get this initiative going. If anybody in government feels a one world currency is a fantasy then they do not belong in government at all. Perhaps we will have to wait ten years before such a measure could become a reality. Maybe we do need to have a lost decade before the right calibre of individual, or individuals, come along to implement such measures. I would like it to happen sooner. I hope our leaders are wiser.

  4. Avatar of Nancy Duci Denofio
    Nancy Duci Denofio says

    Your words “Perhaps Al Gore, or Bill Clinton, have the charisma to get this initiative going. If anybody in government feels a one world currency is a fantasy then they do not belong in government at all. Perhaps we will have to wait ten years before such a measure could become a reality.”

    Clinton has never stopped working together with other countries – some question why, those are the people who don’t believe things can change. We have grown. Thanks Paul.

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