New Creationism – A Soliloquy


New Creationism

New Creationism

Whisper, “We are one, we are strong.”
Whisper, “We are strong, we are one.”
But what are we? Who are we?

We are not alone.
We are part of a tapestry of helices, self-replicating, ever-growing, spiraling from the distant past into the infinitely distant future.
We are part of the irresistible project of evolution.Whisper, “We are strong, we are one.”
Whisper, “We are one, we are strong.”

We are intimately connected with all the people of the world.
We are not alone.
Whisper, “What is New Creationism?”
Say out aloud: “We are one, we are strong. We are strong, we are one.”

New Creationism is celebration: celebration of the sensation of simply being alive.
New Creationism is connection: our connection to every living thing upon this earth.
New Creationism is responsibility: responsibility for our impact upon each other and upon the living world.
Say out aloud: “We are strong, we are one, we are one, we are strong.”

Some of you project confidence, radiate certainty, speak as if you know no doubts – yet in your inner heart a precipice awaits you.
Some of you wear a mask, a mask that rarely slips, yet beneath that mask self-doubt unsheathes its claws.
For some insecurity lingers at the surface of your mind, whispers like a second voice each time you speak.
So speak instead the words: “We are one, we are strong. We are strong, we are one.”

Why these fears, these pitiful doubts, these abject masks?
Why these unceasing aspirations, these efforts to impress?
Self-consciousness has set you free. Self-consciousness casts you adrift.
Evolution, four billion years of evolution, has freed you from the chains of evolution.

Now say aloud, “We are strong, we are one, we are one, we are strong.”
Somewhere deep within you is a massive, hungry anger, unexpressed and inexpressible – a store which you can tap, a source of power you can use.
Rage! Anger! – dangerous, powerful, open to abuse – yet what wonderful, elemental forces!
To what use shall we put them?

Insecurity? Anxiety? Doubt? …Natural, evolved emotions in a competitive world – yet states we can use in our personal evolution…
Harness your weakness and turn it into strength. Shout out loud, “We are one! We are strong! We are strong! We are one!”
Let your fear flow through you.
Let your teeth chatter, your hands tremble, your knees quiver and shake.

These are only feelings. You are immortal. You are part of evolution.
Even your last breath will not be your last breath.
Our species evolves, moves forward, never pauses. You are one with our species.
Your fear is just a feeling. Sit straighter. Stand taller. You are afraid. Why should you care if you are afraid?

You are afraid – but no one has the right to judge your fear.
You are afraid – but you need not be the victim of that emotion.
You are afraid – yet you will be strong.
You imagine you are weak – but your weakness is no impediment.
You imagine you are poor – but your poverty is no obstacle.

Connect with New Creation!
New Creationism is no little brother to the major creeds.
It is no weakling doctrine where all beliefs are equal and everyone is entitled to believe whatever they might wish.

Some beliefs are destructive. Some beliefs undermine our ability to be humane, to be kind, to empathise, to love.
New Creationism teaches the love of nature, the love of humanity, the responsible and loving husbandry of our world.
Embrace your responsibility.
Take ownership of what you believe.

Connect with us.

Connect with New Creation.
This is your planet.
We are your species.
We have so much in common.
Join us.
Create a new world.

  1. Avatar of Helen Shippers
    Helen Shippers says

    Of course our Lord had a plan all along and science is just trying to find explanations for what can’t be explained!

  2. Avatar of Hubert Linzell
    Hubert Linzell says

    I beg to disagree with the whole idea of creationism! Do we go back to the dark ages? Check out the caricatures on Google images when you type in Creationism!!! You’ll laugh your head off!

    1. Avatar of William Tarkovsky
      William Tarkovsky says

      Hi Hubert!

      Just to say that I am not a creationist in the old use of the word. My philosophy is a re-branding or perhaps more accurately a re-working of the word ‘creationism’. I use the phrase ‘new creationism’ to represent our own ability to create the human world anew on the basis of humanism, sustainability and service…

      I am convinced by evolutionary theory and I am a supporter of scientific theory.

      Check out if you’d like to know more.

      Best wishes,


  3. Avatar of Simon Yoshua
    Simon Yoshua says

    This is a great post, I stumbled across your article by pure chance. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Avatar of Sylvia
    Sylvia says

    very scientific bullsh** – ever heard of evolution, Darwin, etc?

    1. Avatar of William Tarkovsky
      William Tarkovsky says

      Sylvia, please see my reply to Hubert above. My philosophy is based on evolutionary theory rather than the opposite!

      Check out and see for yourself…

      Best regards,


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