Angel of Love


Angel of Love

Angel of Love

A man sat on his balcony, his shoulders slumped and tears in his eyes. His life had come to a precipice. Where were the answers to his life-long question? What was his future? “Please, light my path!!” his words rippled across the night.

He dropped his head into his palms and sighed, releasing the pain from his lungs. He was met with stillness.

The Angel of Love touched the man’s hand with a heavenly caress. In silence, she said, “No more sadness. It is time.”

The man was blessed with the deepest love. The connection was strong and she was giving, but because he had lived in torment for so long, he believed his heart deceived him. He wondered how this woman could love him. No one had ever done so.

The Angel was disappointed in the man’s doubt. After all, it was he who had asked for a miracle. However, she did not give up on him. This grieving man had touched her. The Angel blessed him with knowledge and adoration.

The man’s demons ran deep and consumed him. He had dreams of fame and fortune, to prove that he was worthy, and suddenly, he could not think about anything but his love. He could not breathe without his love. He became devoted to someone other than himself. Fear turned him angry.

The Angel wept for the man’s distrust. Clutching her chest, pain ripped through her. Her pale eyes lost their glitter and her rosy cheeks turned ashen. He had denied the greatest gift known to mankind.

A bitter chill swept over the man. He was left with emptiness. He had fame and fortune, but he could not enjoy it. He had followers, but they did not fill his void.

He returned to the balcony. The night was cold and rain pelted down, stinging his skin. He shook to the core and ached for warmth. Tears mingled with the wetness and his moans were lost in the thunder. He buried his face in his palms. “What have I done?” he cried out to no one. What he thought was important was a false dream.

The Angel heard his cries and they blended with her own. She glimpsed inside his heart and it was pure. She called out to him, “Dear Man, what is it you want? You have denied me not once, but twice.”

Without hesitation, the man lifted his face into the darkness and said, “I promise my life.”

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    Joe Latigo says

    Oh, I know, angels exist! Well chosen graphics too!

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