Use Psychology To Get What You Want


Get What You Want

Have you ever stopped to wonder why psychologists, doctors, and others with a Ph.D. use big words?
Are they trying to confuse the rest of us?

I don’t think they use it all the time to confuse the rest of us mere mortals, okay not all the time anyway. You and I both know that some use this little bit of skill as a soapbox to show the rest of us just how much they really know.

Get What You WantHave you ever wondered why there are people who are taken by ‘rip off artists‘? Well, there are a couple of reasons, one is that these individuals are highly trained and or have a particular adaptability towards learning these tips and tricks. Another would be that we don’t always know what they are looking for.

So to get what you want let’s look closely at some of these and see precisely what they are using or what they know that we don’t.

Cognitive Dissonance, okay let’s break this down when you are encountering someone that you want to know you start off with simple questions to get to know someone. Well, the first part of understanding how to get what you want is to build a rapport.

1. Getting your foot in the door so to speak.

You get to know them by starting off with simple things, questions that are easy to talk about, their day the weather, if there has been a big event in the news lately talking about that.

2. Key: Ask questions that get the person to agree and begin saying yes.

Once they are saying yes it’s much easier to get them to continue saying yes even if it isn’t really what they want to do. In fact, after a bit, the person typically tells themself that giving you what you want can’t be so bad. They have helped you and felt pretty good about it.

It’s a psychological trick that is easy enough to do once you understand it.

Warning, now you do have to be careful with this tool. If you are asking them too many things, or something entirely unusual this can backfire and they will have built up a very negative image in their mind about you. If you ever encounter them again instead of it being a pleasant exchange, it’ll be an uncomfortable and stiff conversation at best.

So a word to the wise now that you know what this is and how to use it to help you get what you want to use it carefully. Now you understand some psychology and why it can be very easy to get what you want.

3. Give people something.

What is it that you’re looking for, an answer, money back, to return a product? Now, what do you have that they could want?

Think for just a moment, if you’re at work how do you get recognized?

Well, in customer service or in an industry where you work with people, typically it’s those people that you work with who are the ones who help you move up, or at least receive additional recognition.

So now you know what you have that they want.

Now you have to think about everything surrounding you and or the person you are making the request from, so you can offer to give them what they want without being too pushy, that will only turn out to be another backfire.

For Example: If you have someone on the phone with whom you’ve built up that rapport, tell them how good of a job they’re doing. Thank them for their time to address their concern, and be sure to get their supervisor’s information, so you can pass this along, and do it don’t just say it. Believe me; they’ll check into this, all of us want to be recognized for what we are good at.

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