Walk Alone


To know you will walk alone,

to kissgood bye the one you
love – unscathed the heart
until it found you,
as turbulent as wind –
unrestrained, violent
and still I am here –
love – vanished.

How physical a feeling
now removed,  
a feeling so mystical you 
stirred up a storm; 
others never knew 
you – so well.

Oh so worldly – oh
so common – to forgive you – 
disregarding shields of armor 
protecting ones self from anger
a shrill inside my head.

Then I heard your voice 
I knew I craved to see you,
run to you, kiss you – it was me
playing with anger, I
loved you still.  
I guess I never felt
pain – I survived.

Photos of your face are
embedded in my mind –
those days we shared,
hours, minutes,  and no one

else could love you more.
Pain left a broken
heart – as an open sore.

I want to reach, 
touch, kiss, and love you. 
I want to run and hide,
yet I stood still, for I

feared life alone.
A crutch of hate, 
and laughter,
keeps us together –

but some have forgotten
I won’t survive in  
armor anymore –

“She use to smile,
love, and laugh
while keeping peace.” 

They told her she made
each day worth living.
Now in pain she
turned to stone.

I never dreamt, 
you would die the 
way you did –
committed to your 
silence, there I 
stood. How brief 
our parting had 

My life with you –

behind me, now a
vacant stare –
no time to share
my love
the door is open
from above.

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