The Sound of Water


The Sound of the Shell River,

Softly run down the down the hill.
Now the shell is here in the Big Horns Mountains.
Water Coming from the Cloud Peek Wilderness just east of where I am.

Oh now you say what so special about the Shell sound.
But oh, as that river is just soft and soothing right here and now
That, spring runoff the water roars down this valley.
Taking anything and everything in its waters path

Just a couple miles downstream this soothing river
Soft soothing river becomes a roaring furry dropping some 750 feet.
Going over the rocks a sears of falls in a short distance
Oh yes into a deeply cut canyon hundreds of feet down.

Oh a beautiful sight to see those falls
Oh now that same water is white with furry
Water is now cutting it way through rock
Yes, making that canyon deeper every day.

Nature at its best making and change this world around us
Oh you say our world as humans changes us each day.
Just like nature changes but each minute and week and years.
Sometimes we don’t see or understand our world around us!

That’s this sound of water.

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  1. Avatar of Nancy Duci Denofio
    Nancy Duci Denofio says

    Walter – your vision of what was in front of you gives the reader the same feelings inside your heart. Thanks so much for sharing your journey. Sincerely, Nancy

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