Morning Love


love, Morning Love

Will there be Love tomorrow?

Any political conversations a little bit more genuine,

Man are more connected than just may realize,

The air of opportunity could encourage bad things to happen.

Just don’t feel the need to take everything so seriously,

Connect on a deeper level with people today, there will feel prouder.

Just tossing out a few silly jokes here and there will make any busywork easy.

More interesting in the many political conversations, be careful though.

Need to watch out for people with silver tongues.

Get the head down but not into sucked into the daily soap opera,

There is not point getting down into the dirt,

Younger people in life are looking to you,

A very welcome distraction from what is there and trying to deal with.

Come on don’t take everything so seriously.

That social energy is perfect for building bridges for helping friends.

This carefully balance of a business situation,

Smile with a few silly jokes here and there,

Juicy-sounding tales of romance or turmoil buzz.

Might seem like a very welcome distraction,

Oh yes; Baby let’s both emotionally!

  1. Andrew J. Sacks says

    Walter, thank you for the customary fine work!

  2. Giusi Mastronelli says

    I can’t help but noticing that this “poetic prose” of yours is a bad translation from an exotic language…?! You should have someone who speaks English look your work over before submitting it (or at least use a spell and grammar checker). Love the Shankar picture though!
    Giusi M.

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