Get today, why go along with the crowd

When you’ve got such an original mind and an incredible gift
Fly with self-expression? You are no lemming,
Have a great opportunity to prove that to yourself today.

When everyone is enthusiastic about a lame-brained plan,
Come take a stand and don’t go along with it.
When you know something is wrong, it is wrong.

Trust your gut, and do not hesitate to listen to it
Even if doing so means that you have to separate
It you, yourself from people who can’t think independently
There is a very simple solution to you!

Try to think more like a fiscal conservative
Hold on to your wallet like it’s your lifeline.
Your already-complicated relationship with money
Money is getting more and more complex.

Only because you are succumbing to trends
Peer pressure too much.
The bottom line is still the same: Walk!

Don’t spend more than you have to,
Save more than you need.

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