The Potentiality Equilibrium

EΨ = ĤΨ The potentiality equilibrium rests between Schrödinger and Heisenberg Δx Δp ≥ ħ/2

It is the young infant of potentiality

We carry it in a brown paper bag

It squirms and giggles

And we ply it with toys and a pacifier

Hush, my child, hush, my happiness, hush my misery

If the bag should open, it will crawl out…

And then it will determine if we are happy or miserable

But what if we don’t let the infant out of the bag?

What if we simply claim that it wasn’t a child at all?

It was just a cat, a cat that was already doomed to die!

We can bury it then without looking at the potentiality

We can dig a hole and shove it in there and pretend it was always just a cat!

We didn’t kill the future

We killed a pest, a cat in a bag! Get over it.

It wasn’t the murder of happiness

It was the disposal of misery

The seed in the bag is a relative of Schrödinger

Maybe when we open his box with the cat

A child will spring forth and turn our world upside down

For the better and for the worse

Or maybe, a rat will leap up at our face and tear the flesh off of it

And we will curse the day we let it out

But in the end, it is just a seed of potentiality

The probability of the unknown

As we carry the brown paper bag

Its contents exist in a Heisenberg equilibrium

Cat, child, rat

The seed of happiness

The seed of unhappiness

Misery and bliss, the possibilities are endless

Because ultimately the bag is…


June 18, 2010 – Konrad Tademar

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  1. Paula Shene says

    Thought provoking

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