The Eternal Artist

The Eternal Artist

The Eternal Artist

(For My Brother Patrick)
Time no longer holds you in its’ hands
You are free from the burdens of an ordinary man
Ethereal beings guide you to the artists’ den.
All of heaven and earth is your canvas now
Beckoning you to capture clouds and angels wings
To observe and record the changing scene.
Capturing birds in flight soaring through a breeze
Vibrant colors spill from the brush in your hand
At last, you have shed the confinements of a mortal man.
  1. Avatar of Margo Barotta
    Margo Barotta says

    the artist has his own world .he will enter you in a different world,a world of meaning of life ,symbole ,signs .

  2. Avatar of Joan Candy
    Joan Candy says

    Short and sweet!

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