A Children’s Heaven

A Children's Heaven

In Memory Of The Children killed At Sandy Hook

A Children’s Heaven

Heaven’s gates swing wide open
Revealing lush gardens and paths
As a throng of wide-eyed innocent
Children run past the check-in desk

Dozens of clouds go passing by
With cherubs to lead the way
A place without tears and pain
Our precious master with open arms

Sits upon a golden cloud with
Gentle voice and loving smile
Greets each and every precious child
Dressed in gowns of the finest silk

Each with memories from distant earth
A mothers kiss, a fathers smile
Happy times filled with endless laughs
Days too numerous, but none to last

But here in this most holy place
Bedazzled by endless light and love
Assured of seeing someday soon
Loved ones that they left behind

They travel on a train of clouds
Passing through the many rooms
With faces sparkling like newborn babes
They run to Pop Pops, Gram’s, and Aunts

With love, they dance and sing with joy
For loves ones that they left behind
So many years have come and gone
And so has sadness, lives are lived.

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