Creative Furtherance


Creative Furtherance

Creative Furtherance

Therein the unexplainable grace lies
On the tumbling and trembling of nature grace
And the brightness of everything celestial and cosmic


To the mightiness yet to be comprehended
Perhaps never would
In the drive where there is no pause.

Stillness and the waves
Greatness of wonder;
Humility of purpose.

Of appreciation

Sky blue gorgeous,
Earth’s greenness
Enhancement of creative furtherance.

Birth of expanse
Into the belly of creation
Not to be fathomed by all
But by a select few
While others find perdition?

Rejoicing in the pit;
Distributive blames
Idealism lack,
Prisoners, imprisoning laboured prisoners!

Nothing has been hidden from none,
But discovery is only for the very few
With willingness?

Earth is not different
Nor the stars, moon, sun
Trembling or tumbling.

Minds tremble
When no tempest dare
Never on the rich, wealthy table of stillness
To think, to wonder
In the orbital expanse in fulfilment of furtherance;
Mind of thickness and blankness!

Geographies not withered in differences;
Waves, currents, winds of the same treasure of the wind.

This moment,
This particular instance of tears
Rolling down the mountain top
Causing discomfort on the base of pains and belaboured sojourn!

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