Lord Bangboomboo – Exerpt


She is left and went to Jos,

See, she is lost in the crowd,
She sings and pursues righteousness
There where she is swallowed up
By the crowd
And the war.

Jos, she is gone
To yonder.
Come let us make love;
There is no tomorrow
And righteousness to chase after anymore,
Only love, in existence.

Let us make love,
Let us make love,
Let us make love;
too long our heads have been a heap of lust
And the vexation of fury thrust,
Should we not,
From the beginning of morn to the fall of night,
The twinkling stars leading,
The cloud, the rough spread,
For righteousness
Is too heavy, a burden, a bear.

Should we not,
In the participation
Of love so light, enjoy and achieve righteousness,
Jos, no, war beaten;
Love making all life long,
Righteousness, we bath?

Please, do come,
Of what use is the delay,
To dance in righteous vine
When the vineyard suffer lust to love?

[C] Eberekpe Ogho 2012- Excerpt from his upcoming book, Lord Bangboomboo

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