An Afternoon With a 3-year-old Princess


An Afternoon With a 3-year Old Princess

An Afternoon With a 3-year-old Princess

Dancing through the air
favorite dress-up clothes
scattered around the room
her gown glimmers in sunlight
pinks, greens, purples, blues
create reflections on walls in
her magical kingdom

A princess just having
kissed her first frog, she now
awaits the prince that would come
with all his shining armor
bringing happily ever after
atop a white horse

Moments later, opening
her baby blue eyes
screams of fright
echo around the kingdom
no prince is coming today
the frog still remains
big , bulging eyes
staring back
above his slimy smile

She shrugs, smiling now
twirling hand in hand
she giggles, moving toward
a tiny table set for four
pouring cups of tea while
introducing Ken and Barbie
to their new friend, Froggie

Tea party conversations
surround events in her kingdom
lost buttons on Teddy’s vest
ripped pages in a favorite book
broken crayons stepped on by her
jester of a big brother

Softly yawning now
taking Froggie’s hand
they climb up on the
royal canopy bed
she closes her eyes
whispering, “I love you”
to all her royal friends

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