Great Games to Play Online With Friends

From the Comfort of Your Living Room

Play Online With Friends
FIFA is a favourite amongst gaming friends, but there are plenty of other options if you search for them.

Play Online With Friends

Games to Play Online: It used to be that gaming was considered a single-person hobby, with some misguided folk even considering gamers loners.

Nowadays, that stigma has been completely lost, mainly thanks to the advent of online gaming. It is now possible to connect with people all over the world from the comfort of your own living room. You can get lost in fantasy worlds with people who you’ve never met before, settle into hours of intense gameplay with long-lost friends, or simply simulate a football match with a best buddy.

However you choose to view it, online gaming is bringing us closer together than ever before. Here’s our pick of some brilliant games which you can play with friends.

Start a Poker Tournament

If you can get a group of friends together, then a great way to get involved in some friendly competition is with a poker tournament. There are lots of poker apps that will keep a record of your tournament scores for you, so your competition could go on for months at a time without any fear of losing track.

Poker is a brilliant game for keeping your mind active, so not only can you socialise and have fun at the same time. You can also get that grey matter moving and potentially improve your decision-making skills.

Escape with Animal Crossing

If you’re after true escapism, then there aren’t many games that can compete with Animal Crossing. Although this game works perfectly adequately as a single player, there’s so much to be gained from getting friends involved. Animal Crossing allows you to create your very own town, which you can customise exactly how you like. It’s a joy logging on to see new flowers sprouting up or catch friends visiting your town.

This sort of game revolves around cooperation rather than competition, which is a really refreshing change in this increasingly competitive world. Send friends your Dodo Code, and they can come and visit your island and enjoy exploring the tiny world that you have created.

Chess Isn’t Just For Nerds

Chess is coming back in a big way; make sure you’re ahead of the curve by getting some practice in.

It used to be that top chess players were considered geeks, but the reigning chess champion Magnus Carlsen has put an end to the myth. This Norwegian hunk has really shaken up how the archetypal ‘chess genius’ is perceived, achieving feats such as modeling for a G-Star Raw advertising campaign and being consistently voted one of Cosmopolitan Magazine’s hottest men.

So, now that chess is sexy again, perhaps it’s time to get stuck in? Chess is another game that really encourages strategic thinking, so it’s a great one for keeping your mind sharp. At, you can play online with friends for just one game, or you can commit to a full tournament once you get a little more confident.

Team Up to Catch Monsters

Monster Hunter World is certainly an acquired taste, but that shouldn’t put you off giving it a try. Those that love it really love it. If you’ve got a friend that’s already into this game, then that could prove very useful for you. The controls are a little fiddly, and it’s good to have somebody to guide you through it before you’re out there on your own!

The multiplayer mode means that your friend can ‘educate you’ remotely on the finer points of the game. The world is expansive, and there are ever more incredible beasts to defeat; it’s possible to have plenty of fun on your own in this one, but playing with a team of up to three people gives you a much higher chance at success.

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