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Judith Polgar: Queen among the Kings

Judith Polgar: Queen among the Kings

When Vera Menchik dominated women’s chess in the late 1920s and through the ‘30s, she was thought to be almost a type of chess anomaly that could never be repeated.  So strong a player she was that she was invited to and participated in a number of Grandmaster men’s tournaments, scoring respectably.  Her dominance of […]

English through Chess

Dear teacher, Focusing solely on structure and form Brings no good but a storm That drowns learners’ motivation Suffocates any source of inspiration Increases inhibition and frustration Impedes language learning progress Causes failure to perform and express Oneself in target language with success Dear teacher, Think of first language acquisition Its environment and conditions Create […]

Lt. Col. Shaffer Accuses Former CIA Dir. Tenet

The 9/11 catastrophe had seemed to take the path of many other national mysteries like JFK’s assassination, but now Lt. Col. Shaffer accuses Former CIA Dir. Tenet for blocking the military’s efforts to stop 9/11 terrorists. Many books, documentaries and Internet videos clearly present the unresolved issues about the 9/11 attack. The official report says […]

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