Silent Voices



Silent voices shop
on Monday

A walk detoured
by madness
A torso,
hands removed,
head found
near the canyon,
down a cliff – a
manikin – they noted.

The stillness of disaster
Cuts – like well done
people remain quiet as if
their tongues were slashed.

Barricades are up,
for the press…
the shame of it all,
detoured my walking,
no one chained us
in, protected us…

silent voices enjoy
cocktails on the beach
and every red pick up
drives past as

As protesters few –
grow louder and voices
echo in the square
for American youth…

The news reported, two
girls were forced into
a red pick up truck
one crawled  out,
an open window
the driver swerved
careened down a
canyon, the girl

silent voices
walk their children
to the bus stop
before they shop.

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