Unraveling The Bird Flu Conspiracy Theory


Bird Flu Conspiracy Theory

The Bird Flu Conspiracy Theory

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”
~ Mae West

According to Wikipedia (which I know is not a good source), in October 2023, Bird Flu, or H5N1, was first detected in the islands of the Antarctic region, and in time, hundreds of elephant seals were found dead.

In December 2023, it was confirmed that a polar bear had died of H5N1 near Alaska’s northernmost city. In February 2023, Cambodia reported the death of a girl due to H5N1. The girl’s father even tested positive for the virus.

In March of 2023, after a subsequent investigation, Cambodian authorities determined that both individuals had been infected through direct contact with poultry. If that is not fear porn enough…

In late March 2023, Chile detected H5N1 in a 53-year-old man who had severe symptoms; he survived but had to stay on a ventilator. In September 2023, Uruguay reported upwards of 400 seals and sea lions found dead of H5N1 on the nation’s Atlantic coastline and along the River Plate.

In 2024, a large outbreak of H5N1 killed 70% of elephant seal pups born in the 2023 breeding season. In surveyed areas of Península Valdés, Argentina, seal mortality rates exceed 96%. In February 2024, the media reported an outbreak in South America had killed at least 600,000 wild birds and 50,000 mammals. A person in Vietnam even died of H5N1 infection around the same time.

On April 5, the Philippines reported an H5N1 outbreak on a poultry farm in Leyte, which killed 4,475 birds. In India, on April 18, an H5N1 outbreak was detected in ducks in two parts of the Alappuzha district, Kerala, leading to the culling of domestic birds within a one-kilometer radius of the outbreak’s epicenter.

As of May 9, district officials have culled 60,232 birds in Alappuzha. On May 18, Chinese authorities (and no one believes anything out of Beijing anymore!) confirmed 275 cases of bird flu in dead Pallas’s gulls and other wild birds in two counties in Qinghai province.

Also, in March 2024, H5N1 was confirmed to have infected farmed goats and cows in the USA. If that wasn’t enough, on April 2, a dairy worker in Texas got infected, and strong indications of cow-to-cow spread were evident as cow herds in five different states became ill.

A few days later, on April 4, H5N1 was confirmed to have spread to several additional dairy herds in six US states, including Texas, Idaho, Kansas, New Mexico, Ohio, and Michigan. Scientists deemed these to be either cow-to-cow transmission or spillover from wild birds.

On April 11, H5N1 was found in North Carolina and South Dakota dairy cattle herds. On May 22, a farm worker in Michigan was infected with the bird flu due to their regular exposure to infected dairy cows. The person had mild symptoms and recovered.

On May 30, it was announced that a second Michigan farm worker from a different dairy farm had been diagnosed with bird flu after exhibiting respiratory symptoms. In early June, a flock of 4.2 million egg-laying chickens and a flock of 103,000 turkeys were infected in Iowa. As of this moment, cases among U.S. dairy cows have officially spread to more than 50 herds across nine states.
Zapping to the present, according to media reports on the internet, US lawmakers are demanding to know why the US is sending taxpayer dollars to a Chinese army lab where they fear bird flu viruses are being made more dangerous to humans. (When did the disconnect with US politicians begin?!)

If that was not a headscratcher, the Daily Mail revealed that the US government was funneling $1 million to China to see if scientists could make ‘highly pathogenic avian influenza’ more contagious to mammals using gain-of-function research. This online publication also alleged that scientists made bird flu more virulent and infectious to mammals using gain-of-function research.

Remember, if one created a Frankenstein Monster, it might come after you. Quite frankly, diseases are organisms, and, like all things, they do evolve. So, chickens are placed into breeding and incubation pens worldwide. Whenever one of them gets a cold, it spreads like wildfire. Through technology, including the help (from the good people) of AI, however, the cold gets neutralized when the chickens are injected with antibiotics.

Thus, we live in a time when our feathered friends are getting sick en masse. Essentially, the overuse of pharmaceutical drugs to stem the spread of disease and infections has led us to the point of an antibiotic-resistant virus. Thus, this disease was never produced in a laboratory setting but has come to life through the overuse of pharmaceutical drugs.

Getting sick, taking a pill, and getting well has always been the thing. If one wished to go back and look at my Ultimate COVID-19 Conspiracy Theory article, I spelled it out in its opening sequence in one example. Johnnie got the flu, then went to the doctor and was prescribed antibiotics.

If he had gone to a pharmacist, he would have been told to buy over-the-counter medicine. One year later, Johnnie again contracted the flu.

“This is a bigger strain,” medical science would moan. So, the Big Johnnie again went to the pharmacist. He perused the shelves, and a conversation like this would ensue:
“How about aspirin?” he would ask.
“This is a big strain.”
“It’s a bigger strain.”
“No dice.”

If one is still jaded and skeptical, read my other blog posting. That being made known, I hope everyone has a Happy 1929 economic crash, a worry-free Great Reset, a Merry Universal Armageddon, and please be wise and practice mindfulness during the 1930s-style societal unrest with all the usual scapegoats crying, victim.

But more importantly, look on the bright side of things because the media reported that the Russian Nuclear Fleet had just arrived at the US border. According to Twitter reports I spotted on the Jimmy Dore Show, these Russian vessels are equipped with advanced weaponry, including Zircon hypersonic missiles, capable of penetrating US missile defense systems.

If that doesn’t get your attention, many defense experts have warned that the US doesn’t have hypersonic missiles, and Zircon hypersonic missiles are not armed with nuclear warheads but can kill every living soul on the East coast with a press of a button–talk about population control.  …Rest easy in your comfy chairs, my friends…. unless you live on the United States East Coast.

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