Perfect Storm Plague Outbreak


So the Cold War ended without a shot being fired. Unknown to most, the world was threatened three times with a nuclear annihilation.

When? The Cuban Missile Crisis in 1963.  In 1963, the US had strategic missile advantage over the then former Soviet Union. In all actuality, the Pentagon wanted President Kennedy to act on such a circumstance. Kennedy, however, did not, he blinked, and war was averted. After this event, each super power had equal the number of nuclear missiles. And that is why Kennedy was killed, or so the story goes.

The second time the world faced a nuclear war was when Korean Airlines was shot down by Russia. For some reason, we did not face a nuclear war. If I had an elite education, I would be able to supply the third occasion where a global conflagration was avoided. Thus, three times the world faced a nuclear war and through luck, timing, and diligence, we avoided such an outcome. If war had resulted, millions would have died and the rate of birth defects would have risen. Don’t believe me. Look at Japan at the end of WWII as an example. Who knows, maybe we were destined to face a man made ice age?


After 1963, the population grew. Unlike China, we do not have a one child limit. Think Tanks in Washington, New York, London, Rome, and Moscow convened and came to the same conclusion–we need population control. In 1979, President Jimmy Carter created the Blue Print 2000 Project, or Life Boat Faction Fund. Look it up and you will find it. This program preplanned the reduction of the global population in concert with the reduction of crop outputs. This all led to the creation of fake diseases and viruses by a team of scientists in MIT laboratories. Whenever, one researcher announced a cure, these scientists would make Aids stronger. Unknown to the average person, when you treat any disease with antibiotics, the disease will get stronger. In fact, a disease is an organism. It can evolve, like any organism. It is a species in itself. It will never remain the same.

Aids attacks anyone with a low immune system. It is similar to influenza. Like it, or not, we are due to have an influenza outbreak. The last time such an outbreak occurred it was in 1917. In the early part of the 20th Century, we did not possess International Air Travel, or a world class transit system. So influenza strikes. This bug would cripple international air travel, including local transit.

Remember SARS? SARS killed the economy in Toronto in 2003. The 24X7 media got worse by the hour. H1N1 evolved to H5N9, which evolved to now H7N9. Talk about evolution. By the way, did you know that in the middle ages the aristocrats would deliver the bad news in French?! Any hoot, yes, influenza kills a certain amount of the population every year. The Drug Business, or Big Pharma, is a multi-Trillion Dollar industry. Bigger than Hollywood, Bollywood, or even the Arms industry. Whenever someone gets a cold, the doctor prescribes anti-biotics. Once again, diseases evolve.

Big Pharma offers quick pleasure button. Get sick. Take a pill. That being said, we are on the way to a perfect storm of an influenza outbreak. In some cases in history, diseases have merged, like enemies in battle to overpower their hate foe. What would happen if Aids and influenza were to merge into a compound virus? Both diseases are similar. They both attack the immune system. It would be the ultimate population reduction mechanism. Countries without a free universal health care system would be destroyed. At least 85 percent of the world population would be eliminated, or more.

Where would I get such a mad, mad, MAD theory?!
Check out the book The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins.  That being said, I hope everyone has a happy and health 2014!

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