LED Market: Accelerating Demand for Energy Efficient Light


Installing LED lighting can address concerns such as the escalating demand for power-efficient lighting systems and depleting non-renewable resources of power.

Considering the affordable price tag that LED lighting comes with, the global LED lighting market is expected to score high CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) in the coming years.

man-with-led-barPrimarily aimed at helping stakeholders understand the global LED lighting market better, the report covers information obtained from trusted industrial sources. Data thus compiled in the report is interspersed with relevant graphs, statistics, and infographics to offer readers a more exhaustive overview of the global LED lighting market.

LED lighting offers high energy efficiency, which acts as a key factor facilitating their high uptake. Furthermore, their ease of control in terms of intensity and brightness has made them a preferred alternative to incandescent bulbs. Spurred by these factors, the market will witness rising adoption in the industrial sector, thus gaining increased impetus.

The increased need for energy-efficient lighting has stoked the uptake of LED bulbs in the industrial sector. The high cost of energy derived from conventional sources will compel governments and consumers, alike to reduce their energy consumption and make more use of power-saving lighting. LEDs are efficient in terms of light saving as well as cost. Furthermore, they can help reducing power consumption, unlike the conventional incandescent bulbs. On the back of these factors, the demand for LED lighting is expected to scale higher in the coming years. Furthermore, installing LED lights can help achieve power saving, which is a chief driver of the global LED lighting market. Besides this, the market will continue witnessing high demand from commercial and household sector through the report’s forecast period.

On account of lucrative potential it offers, the global LED lighting market has become over saturated as more manufacturers join the bandwagon of offering energy-efficient lights. Therefore in order to sustain their competitiveness and standout among rivals, most manufacturers are considering to launch newer product designs. To start with, several prominent names within the industry are looking to offer customized products for niche industries. For instance, designs altered according to their use in parking lots, cafes, industries, hotels, bars, and other sites. With this, the market players are vying for increased profits. Such initiatives by the market players are expected to help the market gain momentum in the coming years.

Besides this, the advent of smart lighting is also expected to aid in its expansion in the coming years. Driven by these factors, the global LED lighting market will exhibit strong growth in the coming years. Besides identifying the various growth drivers and restraints anticipated to boost the market, the report also segments the market based on various parameters. Regionally, Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific constitute the key market segments. Industrialization and urbanization witnessed across emerging nations will help the market exhibit robust growth in the coming years. The report identifies and studies the various factors that will influence the market’s trajectory across these regions.

The report also profiles some of the prominent market players such as Philips, Cree, and Osram. Strategies adopted by these companies to gain an edge over competition are studied in detail in the report.  Also, the effect of these strategies on the overall market is evaluated in detail. The report, therefore, presents a 360-degree overview of the global LED lighting Market.

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