Fail-Safe Fashion Style Tips for Short Girls


“Over the years, I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it.”
~ Yves Saint Laurent

There is a wide range of topics one can cover when it comes to style advice for short girls. It all stems from what colors you should avoid and the best way to elongate your figure and pull an observer’s eyes up instead of down.

short-girlFrankly speaking, it does not matter how tall or short you are as when it comes to fashion, it is more about you carry the assembly of clothes you are wearing whether that may be off-the-rack or designer buys.

But, as it is, it would not hurt to wear a pair of stilettos to give you not only a boost in height but in confidence as well.

Apart from having a trusty pair of heels that would immediately add to your height, there are other fashion tips you should be keeping in mind when you are under 5’4″

1.) Go monochrome
Monochrome colors bring the eyes up much more than when you wear a combination of colors. Furthermore, wearing a singular color from head to toe would create an elongated silhouette which would effectively give off the illusion of height. A combination of different colors tends to break your silhouette which would give you a blocky appearance.

2.) Go high-waist
If you wish to have a taller appearance, then you need to learn how to play with your proportions. One way to create a better and taller silhouette is to wear high waist jeans, skirts or shorts. High waist designs tend to give you the appearance of having longer legs and would then effectively make you look taller and more slender.

3.) Have a go-to pair of heels
For obvious reasons, you need to have a pair of heels if you want to appear taller. However, this should not just be any kind of heels; it needs to be a pair you can comfortably walk in as you will inevitably be wearing them for quite some time. Apart from adding height, wearing a good pair of heels will give you that much-needed boost of confidence and will make your calves appear more toned. However, if you are a bit wary in traipsing around wearing stilettos, break the habit with a pair of wedge shoes instead.

4.) Maxi Dresses are your friends
Shorter girls tend to be daunted by wearing maxi skirts or dresses thinking that sheer size might overwhelm and engulf them. Well, this is not entirely false as full pleated skirts do tend to swallow you up which is probably where the wariness stems from. However, this does not mean that all maxi skirts and dresses would overwhelm you. Stick to the sleek and column-style skirts and dresses if you wish to have that maxi work for you.

5.) Choose the right pants
Avoid pants that are either too bulky or have too much volume. In this regard, avoid elephant-style pants and choose bootcut pants or ones that have a slight flare instead. These are the styles that would make you appear taller and would give you a better silhouette. Lastly, avoid cropped pants or pants that finish just above the shoe as this can make your legs appear blocky and thicker. To have the illusion of longer legs, choose a hem that covers most of your shoe.

6.) Always be on the lookout for the right fit
If you are on the shorter side, choose clothes that are well-fitted. Anything that is loose, slouchy or incredibly voluminous would make you appear bulky, and as an effect, you would look stockier than you really are. Make sure your clothes fit you well to create a good silhouette and avoid overlarge sizes and styles.


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