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Parents are supposed to be our role models teaching us morals, values that children are supposed to emulate and mirror themselves after. But, Birdie Kaminsky has chosen a path that although following in her mother’s exact footsteps is not exactly one that most of us would consider virtuous.

Birdie is great at what she does. She’s an outstanding first class petty thief who happens to excel in shoplifting, pick pocketing and general thievery as well as being a proficient art, that is con artist. But, in spite of these virtues she manages to endear herself and captivate the admiration and love of those she encounters. We meet out star thief as she is trying to after taking a wallet with 400 dollars in cash. With the help of new neighbors considered close friends she manages to escape unscathed but not before they fund her some more cash to tide her over for her long road trip. But, where will our heroine go? What is her plan? A newspaper article set these events in motion as she leaves and sets off for Liberty, Ohio believing that she will find a hidden treasure dating back to the Civil War and belonging to one of her long lost relatives. A single portrait of Justice Postell on the all of the Second Chance Grill would provide some clues and answers she hopes to find this treasure. But, first she has to overcome some major obstacles.

Arriving in town she finds the Second Chance Grill hoping to find the portrait and a place to stay. This is where the fun really begins but first we need to meet the man who would be a huge thorn in her side or maybe something more. Hugh Schaeffer is an investigative reporter whose editor has had enough of his dalliances, lack of meeting deadlines and Hugh in general. Despite that fact that he’s put the paper on the map many times, he fires him.

But, Hugh is smart, clever and crafty when he convinces the editor to keep him on to uncover the dirt about something happening in Liberty. The only catch is he won’t get paid until he comes up with the information. Anthony Perini’s daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia and donations have been pouring in even after she has been cleared of the illness. For some reason Hugh feels that the money is being used to fund Anthony’s trips and other things. Blossom the young girl in question is quite crafty in her own right manipulating people to do what she wants, giving her babysitter a hard time and thinking she ruled the world.

Meet Birdie as she tries to find a room to stay in as she collides with Huge who claims it belongs to him. The dialogue that ensures is hysterical and the dilemma faced by Finney, the cook to decide who gets the room will make you not only smile well: Read it to appreciate how clever she was in creating the solution. Added into the story is the fact that both Birdie and Hugh can feel the inner tension when they are close together and the sparks begin to fly as they learn their temporary fate, which is to share the room.

As we get to know Blossom a little better we learn more about her past, the maid’s or babysitter’s family a revelation is made connecting Birdie. But, while this is all going on our Birdie searches the portrait and finds a hidden yellow parchment that would later prove to be another clue. Wondering if her relative Lucas Postell had sent these hidden treasures with Justice would start a chain of events that would involve many more people in this town. When Birdie goes back and gets caught taking something else Hugh decides to learn more about her and what he finds out will definitely help him keep her in line. Or will it? They say confession is good for the soul so will telling him about her past that he has already uncovered make it easier for her to find the treasure?

Enter Theodora Hendricks friends with Landon Williams the father of Meade the caregiver for Blossom. As events unravel and information is uncovered you learn the link between him and Birdie’s mother Wish and why he is so bent on finding out more about Birdie and hoping to get Wish who not only swindled him but many others along the way including her own daughter. Back in Liberty Hugh still flustered after his close encounter with Birdie, as she seems to be getting under his skin. Checking the net he learned more about what Blossom’s father appeared to be doing with the donation sites and hoping to create a huge story for the Akron Register. Trying to deal with this story and Birdie would lead them both to a tapestry in a storeroom with another clue or lines of poetry. Reenter Theodora Hendricks who appears to have the answers to many of her questions and proceeds to give her some history lessons that you will have to read for yourself because some lesson are worth learning on your own. But, what would you do if you found out that part of the treasure was rubies? Would you find a way to return it Justice’s ancestors or would you keep it for yourself and try and find more?

Lives intertwine when Birdie triggers off Landon’s memory and he recounts for his daughter his time with her mother Wish. Theodora seems to like Birdie and for some reason wants to help her. But, when the truth about the websites is revealed the reader will be surprised at Blossom’s father’s reaction and what he does will surprise you even more. When Theodora introduces Birdie to Meade and her father one photograph will tie it all together but will Birdie allow them to know the connection and when they reveal what happened to Cat she does not even flinch. Stories intertwined, lessons that are to be learned and one woman in the middle of it all. Would Birdie understand what Theodora was trying to tell her when she admits the truth about Justice? Was she making it up or was she trying to let her know she knew more about her than she was letting on? What about Hugh? Would he protect when his ex-boss wanted everyone to learn about Birdie?

But, when the truth comes to light what happens will prove the loyalty that some families will show and the influence one woman has to protect one young girl that never had a chance growing up. With a town that is ready to flog her and Meade who wants her to disappear what will the final result be? Can a petty thief redeem herself? Can anyone forgive her for living on the edge because she had no choice or did she? What about Hugh? What about the story that broke in the paper? Author Christine Nolfi once again pens a story that brings to light what happens when a young child suffers the abuse at the hands of adults and the end result is not always what it seems. Characters that you will either hate or love but are so vividly described. One young woman with sass, feisty and full of spunk that you have to love, and an ending that will definitely surprise the reader that you won’t see coming.

Just how everything ties to together you will have to learn for yourself. Forgiveness is hard and many lies, truths and deceits are revealed. Some truths will change the lives of many, a town that will have to decide whether they can forgive one young girl’s past and deal with her in the present. What does happen to the rubies and who winds up with them? What secrets does Landon that will shock the reader and many living in Liberty reveal? Where will this go next? I guess when the author writes the next chapter for those living in Liberty we will find out. Treasure Me: Is the treasure the jewels, the clues, the tapestry or the love that some might find which is more valuable than rubies?

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