Book Introduction: A New Dawn


A New Dawn is the first volume of the Guardian’s Chronicles and sets the pace for a gripping epic that will keep you in suspense right until the end.


Sahara’s story starts in a small village in England and that plays out on three separate continents. It is a story about people who are linked by an extraordinary event that is about to take place.

The first volume of The Guardian’s Chronicles – A New Dawn, reveals centuries of betrayal and deceit that lead up to an epic struggle that cannot be avoided. As it draws ever closer Sahara’s benefactor Romero a Guardian, reveals why she has been singled out.

Terrible sacrifices have been made throughout the generations because of the power Sahara now holds; and now there is no turning back, to do that would mean betraying those who had gone before her.

How can you fail to doubt yourself when over the course of just a few months you go from a battered woman feeling helpless and alone to having the whole world’s fate resting on your shoulders?

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