Honey Coated


Honey Coated

While I sat at the table minding my business, someone I did not recognize approached me. “Hey, you look familiar, very familiar!” I didn’t have a clue who this person was; she was a stranger to me. I just gave her a blank look; then a faint smile and replied, “Well, I don’t remember who you are; can you refresh my memory.”

She pointed and said, “Oh I remember now, I saw you at the restaurant; I was with Vanessa.”

Honey CoatedI didn’t really pay attention to the other people with Vanessa that day; my goal was to get out without her noticing me. I was surprised that this woman remembered me after my quick disappearance from the restaurant. I guess it was safe to assume that this woman was also gay. I just wanted her out of my presence.

“Well it was nice seeing you again, do you frequent here often? I know Vanessa would love to see you again,” she asked out of curiosity.

“No, I don’t, I only came here to accompany my friend Greg over there,” I said pointing in Greg’s direction.

“Right, I understand where you’re going with this,” she replied as if she didn’t believe me. Her reaction to my words made me boil and I immediately got up to leave. Macie, who was more than astonished by now, told me to ignore her and enjoy myself.

Macie didn’t care what people thought about her, but I did. I grabbed my purse, said goodbye to Macie and went over to say my goodbye’s to Greg. Greg was in full blown conversation and barely even heard me when I told him “goodnight, I’m leaving now.”

I really didn’t care, because all I wanted to do was get out of there as fast as possible. As I made my way to the door, someone pulled me by the sleeve. To my disbelief, it was Vanessa.

I was guessing either her friend called her and she got here in a flash or she was already on her way over. Whatever it may have been, I wasn’t for her shit that night. “Let me go,” I said in an even tone voice. She did let me go, but she just stood there looking at me. I could not believe the set of balls on this woman. She never took no for an answer. Her determination to make my life miserable was becoming very, very annoying and apparent.

“So we meet again,” she said as if she was starring in a 1960’s crime movie.

“You know, I am beginning to think you are stalking me,” I replied as I crossed my arms.

“Really, then why are you here?” Look around this is a bar for gay people and if you are not gay then you are free to never come here again!” she replied, then turned and walked away.

I didn’t really know how to feel at that point. I hadn’t thought about it that way. I was in her territory probably screaming “I am a closet gay.” I mean she had the right to think I was gay as much as I came to the bar with Greg and Macie. She probably thought that Macie was gay; maybe even my woman.

Despite my feelings about this woman, I felt the need to apologize for my rude behavior. Having a conscience was one of my strong points. I walked over to her with small strides; thinking of what I would say. She was standing by the bar talking to an unfamiliar lady when I came over. I gently tapped her on the shoulder and she turned around in awe.

“How may I help you?” she said as if she never tried to hit on me. “I just wanted to apologize for the way I came off with you. I don’t normally act like that.” I said clutching my purse out of nervousness.

“Thanks, I appreciate the apology, but you didn’t owe me one.”

“No, no, I have been really unfair to you just because you are….” I stopped because I didn’t want to label her.

“Gay, I don’t have a problem saying it and neither should you. I am not ashamed of what or who I am. I tried to hide it at first, but it frees your soul when you finally come to grips with it; know what I mean.” she said with a half of smile

I don’t know why, but I returned a smile. I believed that Vanessa was a genuine person, just different in her sexual preference. Our conversation ended at that point, but somehow I begin to feel differently about her…not her preference, but the individual.

  1. Avatar of Carla Rosselini
    Carla Rosselini says

    Very nice indeed!

  2. Avatar of Dana Goodman
    Dana Goodman says

    Dear Arva, I simply loved your story!
    I’ll follow you from now on. What’s next?
    Love, Dana

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