Mid-Life Crisis – What’s a Woman to Do?


Mid-life crisis: That moment everyone hopes will never happen.

Everyone has their own way of dealing with it, and women are no exception to this rule Some women buy a new car, some desperately try to make themselves look and act younger than they actually are.

mid-life-crisisWhile I do not approve, there are even some women who will have an affair behind their spouses back (if they are married), and destroy what they worked so hard for, as a result. It all goes back to one fact about most women; no woman wants ever to accept that they are getting old and so the mid-life crisis and time of suffering begins. It is a good thing that this is usually just a temporary phase for most people.

Not many women like cars, but for the few that do, they especially enjoy them in their mid-life crisis. One of my friends who recently went through her crisis bought a van and painted it green and blue, making it look like a real life Scooby Doo mystery van. It made her feel rejuvenated and youthful.

Again this goes back to her wanting to be young: during the crisis, she wants to try and return to her youth which made her so jovial and happy. Fortunately, roughly six months later she regained her self-control and embraced her age. Her mid-life crisis ended on a happy note; she learned from her experience and saw that her life was not so bad now even if she is no longer a young 25-year-old girl.

Most mid-life crises are not like this for women. Sometimes trying to be young is much harder and has much more dire consequences for women. To make themselves look younger, these older women begin taking the extreme measures: breast implants, face lifts and more. This is much worse than just dressing, “too young.” At least when you dress young you can change the clothes and finish it: with surgery, once it is done, it cannot be undone, and you may very well hurt your body.

Having an affair is just as bad: if you have one, you will destroy a marriage and possibly shatter the lives of your children and sadly in the long run your life too. You will be labeled a cheating whore for the rest of your life, and no woman ever wishes to have that happen.

The mid-life crisis will become your ultimate downfall; people need to try and think clearly before acting. Otherwise it may just destroy them.

The mid-life crisis always ends in one of two ways: enlightening or disastrous. For most women, their midlife crisis story ends happily, and for the rest: I give my condolences hoping someday you can find happiness. I only can imagine how hard it would be if I were a man and went through such an ordeal.

The mid-life crisis does not come to everyone, but it is good to learn from those who have gone through one so we may hopefully be better prepared for when it comes.

  1. Avatar of Bart van Ouwerkerk
    Bart van Ouwerkerk says

    Good observations and advice.

  2. Avatar of andrewjsacks
    andrewjsacks says

    I agree with Bart. Well done.

  3. Avatar of Starr Gardinier
    Starr Gardinier says

    The main issue for women is we allow our emotions to control us much more than a man would. Good article.

  4. Avatar of Michael Staib
    Michael Staib says

    Yes! Thank you for such an engaging article! Us men indeed have it easy by comparison! Thanks again!

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