You Tell Me


You Tell Me

You Tell Me

Tell me,
What are we going to do with our exchange
But faceless thoughts and promises in brackets, divided
By commas
And by the yearnings to know the unknown, to explore the untouchable?

What would you suggest, for I am not as skilled as you are
When it comes to openness, to tears, and to public
Acknowledgments of private matters, of little truths reserved for the eyes of
The few?

My fear has been deeper than yours and
Honestly of no use, although I’m still carrying it for the sake of
Having a valid excuse even when the date has expired, expired… oh, expired
… maybe even before it was printed on your page…

Tell me,
What are you going to do with the blank profile
Filled only with hints and clouds
No one can guarantee that the little hinted words were stolen?

I steal words because of you,
Just as you had stolen some other emotions for someone else and had given
Them as if they were the
Original Gifts.

I yearn to know your gifts,
To touch your lips with my fingers when you smile…
…. Because you are skilled
In saying words that I want to hear
And you are versed in concealing words that I dislike to hear…
…you are versed.

Tell me,
How long does it take to know you,
How long it does take to see through you,
And how long can we keep this silence alive?
(Masked silence!)
I feel that my words can
Run into eternal hiding,
In brackets,
In between those
You know what kind of gift I have left for you.

(… and mind, it can’t be exchanged for two cheaper ones!)

  1. Avatar of Gianluca De Sanctis
    Gianluca De Sanctis says

    Ahhh, Venezia!

  2. Avatar of Gianluca De Sanctis
    Gianluca De Sanctis says

    Branka, this poem is straight from the heart.
    You must be an extremely sensitive person in addition to being a talented poet,
    Molto bello!

    1. Avatar of Tony Carducci
      Tony Carducci says

      I came across Branka’s book Mosaic of the Soul and loved her writing style at once.
      After reading it I was keen to read more from this author. I read her short stories and poems… and she is such a good storyteller no matter what dose she writes.
      Emotional, elegant, elegy-awaking, subtle and straight at the same time.
      This poem is simply beautiful. Well done Ms.Cubrilo. Brava!

  3. Avatar of Branka Cubrilo
    Branka Cubrilo says

    Gianluca, molto grazie!
    Extremely sensitive person – yes, about ‘a talented poet’ not too sure but where my heart really lies – are my novels! I am a novelist the rest is just ‘a bit of fun’.

    Tony, grazie anche a te!
    … for reading my novels, short stories et cetera.

  4. Avatar of Malcolm
    Malcolm says

    Absolutely beautiful: subtle and sincere. Well done again Branka! I love your poetry and I love your words and I believe that this is MUCH MORE THEN ‘A BIT OF FUN’…. it is a fantastic fun! Thanks!

  5. Avatar of Jim Wilson
    Jim Wilson says

    A beautiful, strong and subtle use of language. A feeling that envelops you and is not escapable. A wall of love is tenderly built with inquisitive words and lines that come from several directions at once. I do love it. I love that wall. That wall is the truth spoken well.

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