I Want To Make Up With You


I Want To Make Up With You

I Want To Make Up With You

Messages and Unicorns
Sweet thoughts
Raindrops like jewels
From lands where it never rains

I will send you
I’ll collect for you
Hold for you
All miracles
And aces in my sleeve
And invisible messengers
Little Angels

I will hide my whispers
Underneath your pillow
To soothe your hidden aches
Rosebuds and petals, then the
Exotic fragrances found beyond this reality
In some other Universe
Where you rule as Queen

I found that Pegasus
You dreamt about
I caught it and Imprisoned it in this song
I did  that for you
As I promised way
Way back when we talked In a locked language
Conversing with Fairies and leprechauns
I did it all just  to make up
For my tears.

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  1. Avatar of LIDIJA BERLOT

    Very fine poetry.

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