The Sea’s Lover


The Sea's Lover

The Sea’s Lover

The sea dashes across the rocks 
Like an anxious suitor waiting 
To caress his loved raven locks 

Like a shrill melody, it sings 
To its lover a lullaby 
With a tune carried by birds wings

Echoing from the distant shore
Crying out from the ocean depths
Penetrating the land once more

Suddenly tranquil like a lover
Satisfied by the night’s passion
It rests  quietly undercover

  1. Avatar of Heather
    Heather says

    Absolutely beautiful!! Paints a vivid picture

  2. Avatar of James Lam
    James Lam says

    The sea is on land,”…let the land appear…and it was called earth”… This was commanded at the front beginning,of d back beginning.The Sea’s passion for Land and its rocks,it’s a passion between man and woman. Unseperated lover.Thks 4 d link Frances.

  3. Avatar of meade barrington
    meade barrington says

    Love it! very creative and nicely written. Great piece

  4. Avatar of Nancy Denofio
    Nancy Denofio says

    When I feel the poem as is flows with each word it takes me into it and I become you. I love the way you combined the picture, for I taste the passion as water flows over my toes, greeting him. Nicely done. Nancy

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