Squandered, Squandered


He pushes a button, she cries.
She pushes back; he walks away.
Sunrise to sunset, dark clouds surround them,
obscuring the light and the truth of their lives.

She whimpers a little, he sighs.
He takes a trip; she trudges along.
Monday to Sunday they hide how they’re feeling,
they go through the motions, cementing their lies.

The kids are her stressors, his toys.
He makes the money; she does the rest.
Year in and year out, each day a prescription,
don’t question, be good – watch everything die.

She’s lost all resilience; he’s absent.
He looks good on the surface; she’s submerged in the muck.
Decade by decade, stop thinking, stop talking.
Resent everyone – see disdain in their eyes.

She’s unable to function, he chuckles.
He treats everyone badly; she’s happy to watch.
From wedding till death, they are pitied and proud.
Grace wasted, love poisoned, dehumanizedSquandered, Squandered.

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