The Shattered Sky

Shattered Sky
On the 11th anniversary of that 9/11 Tuesday

The Shattered Sky

We’ve dreamed of this, you and I
A teardrop from the shattered sky

Where birds fear flight in the dark of morning
Where hearts shatter without any warning

We’ve been there now, down that concrete road
Carrying illusion of calm, that lost innocent load

Those packages full of unopened gifts of love
Those memories we could have had, but didn’t have

What we have is this: this piece of fallen debris
This shattered day, a missing calm in a stormy sea

We’ve dreamed of this, you and I
In sleepless nights, asking questions, endless why?

Strands and shards of the safety dome of peace
A dark sky of dusty tears, shattered view, buckled knees.

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  1. Avatar of Jack Eason
    Jack Eason says

    A beautiful poem Konrad 🙂

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