Saint Raphael


Saint Raphael is one of the seven arcangels of God. He encourages “creative” types and gives our hands wings to make the invisible “visible.”  – He has also been known to take the body of a man to walk around us encouraging love and healing.

Saint Raphael comes to us to heal what is
Not right with his wisdom and grace
It can happen in the twinkling of an eye,
he is my muse and I am his,
Saint Raphael gets his power from the sun,
And he stokes our passions with delight,
Burning the midnight oils for us,
with a voracity of unparalleled love,
he glistens in the day for us, and glows at night
with wings and horned-head as handsome as
any can be, even when he wrestles with
Satan and his demons for our souls,
Saint Raphael is my muse and I am his,
He whispers in my ears at night,
“Let your passions flow for others like
the moving of water, and you Heal thyself
along with others.”

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