Sabzevar – سبزوار

For Noosha M. – and for Iran….

I must have been Iranian in a previous life

Living on the outskirts of old Qom or great Tehran

Cutting ripe apricots in half with cháqú knife

Eating Ash-e anār and lamb during night of fun

Give me a pomegranate half, let my tongue be moist

For I can taste the blood of lions in its juice

And I can feel raghseh chagoo in my blade and loins

As my legs move on their own and my belt is loose

I must have been Persian in a past existence

Must’ve walked the Grand Bazaar in search of spice and love

Of silk, freedom, qormeh sabzi and resistance

Perhaps I found it, locked up in a cage – a white dove

If I was an Iranian in a life before

It wasn’t as a mere man with his thighs-flesh between

I lived that life as an Iranian woman, more:

I lived that life as an Amazon with eyes of green

December 22, 2009 – Konrad Tademar

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  1. Cyrien McCallister says

    I love this, the white dove makes my heart skip a beat.

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