Perfectly Clear


Well now I hear you perfectly clear

like a bird gargling
or a duck driving
to New Jersey for cheap gas
lining up at the station
don’t go for the premium
I do that
and it hurts like hell
I’m forced to park the car
so much more
I read some 4 cylinder car gets
35 miles per gallon
and I think 35
why when I was 35
I couldn’t even get a gallon myself
Scotch without ice
off the rocks
I could muster
but never a whole gallon of it at once

What’s that you hear?
songs from cows
singing the blues in the field?
listen more closely
it may be temporal singing
of the clouds
winking at the daffodils still underground
but thinking about surfacing
it’s not so far from spring
you know
buds will be blooming
reindeer will retire

And love will surface on my lips
Aimed at your kisses
Meeting me in the air above Central Park
Near the Empire State Building
Rockefeller Center
New York
New Year’s Eve
a shindig
for butterfly fans
and members of the cast 

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