I Watched The Sky


I watched the sky,

for a while.

A pusillanimous sun
squatting low
in a gruel wash
slow cooking
high white trails,
the excreta of
mechanical birds,
then distend
into a smut blown blue
where the petty brown farts
of last nights rain
run low to the ground
as if to escape
the vitiligous patchwork sky.

Now the shadows shorten
and the dishwater glows,
swathed in banded gold,
though away behind me
dirty cotton candy mountains
bear ill intent.

But now
the brightest star,
with blinding effulgence
scorching eternal shadows,
shrugs loose the vaprous cortege
and sits aloft
the closing bed of grim.

Then off and higher into the cerulean,
dissolving arresting clouds
into vapid venous alveoli,
continues that
ceaseless arc
leaving me amidst
a tobacco stained train.

One, follows another,
follows another,
follows another,
until anon we are separated
and they, with valedictory relief,
decant their crocodile tears
for our parting.

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