Two Heads

Drawing by Michelle Dawson

See me,
Am I not a monster?
A malevolent Orthrus?
I sit
framed by Noir shadows,
crawling expressionist tracks.

I lie
and I contemplate
the worst infidelity.
I lay a course
for broken sacred oaths
with fresh promises that can never be fulfilled.

bodies conjuncted
to raise these tides in me?
Spilling wanton words,
in a surf of unabashed affect,
crashing onto a shore of rocky conscience.

  1. Andrew Sacks says

    Paul, very fine work! We look forward to more from you.

  2. chelle says

    Hi Paul
    I am the artist that drew the image you are using for your poem. Don’t have a problem with you using it, but you have the image reversed so he looks a bit odd, it would be great if you could flip him and maybe credit the artist…..
    Great poem!
    Michelle Dawson

  3. chelle says

    Much better! Cheers Michelle

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